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    just wondering how many of you guys in here have or plan to just restore this beautiful machine just like the way it came from the dealer.Reason way I'm asking is cuz,lately I've been thinking alot about the first time i bought my M3 and how beautyful it was back in 1991.I've now racked up 135,000 miles and still runs beautifully.And now the I'm getting older and I have no plans of racing it,maybe i just might go that route.I also think it would be cool to pass it on to my son who's just barely getting in to BMW @ (9yrs old).I know that it hard to just leave it alone knowing all the potential that this car have and what hidden behind it. thanks guys.

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    Mine is fully stock (except tires and shocks!)... however I'm undecided if I'm going to keep it this way. I'm still in the restoration process - just finished painting


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      I like the stock look the best. The only mods on my car are internal.


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        The way I see it is this car was designed as a race car and detuned/humbled for the street so I will be trying to get it back to its ORIGINAL form...just another way of looking at it...
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          I had hopped to keep mine stock and import a E3 at some time. I always lusted after the 2.5l. Well now after a ton of time and $$ I kinda have one.

          Then I see really clean stock ones, and want to get one and put it in a bubble!

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          At least it's German


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            I guess keepin it stock and restored/derestrict version would be the way to do it.thanks guys