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Anybody have any good races lately....

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  • Anybody have any good races lately....

    just to start another topic i guess.....anybody have any interesting races they encountered lately that they would like to share?

    Well i'll start it off...Raced a 99 estoril m3 with an exhuast and intake as performance mods. we started off in 3rd gear because there was so much traffic on the highway. so at around 4,000 rpms in 3rd gear i hit the gas. right away his front rim was across the middle of my passenger side door to give you an idea. it stayed that close all the way to the end of 4th gear then we had to slow down due to traffic. did it again from 2nd and was the same thing, he couldnt gain on me one bit. i was very pleased since my car isnt tuned right yet with the MAF. so i cant wait to see once its tuned. and i dont ever want to hear e36 owners say they will spank e30's cause this is my second race with a e36 and its been the same thing just about.

    so now share your recent stories if anybody has any.....
    Old School

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    Ok Im a race whore, Ive got alot. Most are on the parkways around here, sort of twisty when compaired to a highway. I'll go most recent to old...

    Yesterday, sunday. Driving home down parkway when 2 civics are coming up rather quick, I can see intercoolers in my rear view mirror so i know there is something there. The last gets next to me revs the motor and takes off. So I drop it cut in behind him and start riding his ass due to no clear lane for a pass. his car was fast but not fast enough i kept haveing to let off to not run into him, I finally pass him then slow up he catches up and and gives me the wave and smile.

    Yesterday, sunday again. On my way home from auto parts store. I was leaving the parking lot and see a e36 M3 flying out of the parking lot behind me. So I start going faster down a back road but not insanely fast to many cops hang out on it he still back there. We catch a light and he is behind me, andI hear him reving his motor so im like ok, I dropped it at like 4500 got over in the next lane thinking he was going to pass me. I kept checking my mirrors the hole time and he was the same distance at my rear bumper all teh way to 110ish. We slow down and hes talking to me as we are driveing asking if that if I have my original motor. He was saying it was to quick to not have any work done.

    The rest I have no idea on the dates

    Evo8. Getting on highway going pretty damn fast because I had to be somewhere in a hurry on night. I see a 2.5rs giving some look so he takes off so I know Im way faster and go to catch up catch him then I see something hauling fucking ass, it passes me its a damn evo8 fuck the 2.5. I drop it catch the evo at like 120. I floor it he floors it AT a 140 we were dead fucking even and then the traffic started so we both slowed down. He wouldnt race again but was giving me the thumbs up and smiling like shit.

    e36M3. Drving home down the parkway again and I see a green e36 M3. He gets up next to me so I start doing the hop forward drop back trying to get the message through I want to race. That FUCKER holds his hand up and looks at his wrist like Im not going to give you the time of day. ITS ON NOW MOTHER FUCKER. He drops it I drop it and get behind him. Tehre is a huge turn coming up and we are going like 120. HE starts braking I keep going pass him in the turn and fly up the hill. I slow down he pulls up and ask me what do I have done, tells me nice car blah blah blah.

    300zx. Just flew down the highway and caught him and started going with me so we cruised for like 10 miles down the highway. I pulled on him down low he pulled up high. I think he takes the win.

    Carrodo(sp)vr6. He reved at me so I followed him down a back road. I pulled on him over and over again. Not to exciting but still I thought he would have more down if he reved at me.

    Civic SI. Again he reved at me when I was turing into the Golf Driving range so I turned right back out caught him and raced. Moving I was barely faster. Then we caught a Light. I launched hard as shit on him and there was nothing he could do I was ahaead by 2 car lengths the hole way.

    2.5rs. Caught a light with a old stlye 2.5 with wrx stickers all over it. We talked to him for a while at the light and he didnt want to race but then we pulled out a camera and it was race on. Light turns we drop it he pulls ahead at first like I drop to his door then I start pulling and pulling. We stopped when I was like a car length ahead.

    Ford ranger I was driving down my stomping ground back roads. Im hauling ass around a curve and I come up on a truck. Fine I can chill for a while. Well he floors it, Im in shock and didnt realize what was going on. So I floor it. Granted I was no where near the limits I usally drive on that road it was still fun to drive it with some one that new the roads.

    My dad and his 85 camro. My dad talks so much shit to me it is hilarious. So I catch him one day on the highway, we race at first I start in 4th he pulls then I pull hard at like 115. We go again I start in 3rd I pull the entire way. He still talks shit

    Losses:sosad: :sosad: :sosad:

    Ferrari f355 benito(sp) talked to him for a bit and then he said he was going for a drive, so we asked if we could follow he said "if you can keep up" Dude drove like a dick passing mad people on double yellow. We get out on the parkway he floors it, im gone. It is fast damn fast.

    GSR hatch, raced from the line, caught me at 100 and passed me with some authourity.

    A2 vr6 hatch. RAced from the light caught me at 110 didnt pass me to bad and I was starting to pull back up and he let off around 130.

    A3 Superchared vr6. It was my friends car, we were going like 90 and both drop it it was a pull fest by him the entire way. It was filthy fast.

    This last race was in my moms Eclipse.
    We were in DC and sitting at a light. My friends had ran the light so I was in a hurry to catch back up. A Taxi pulls up next. Light turns I floor it trying to catch up. I look in my mirror and see this car hauling fucking ass. IT IS THE TAXI. The fucker passes me at like 75 miles and hour and keeps going. I was laughing so hard I almost started crying.

    Thats all I can think of right now.


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      Woah you were even with an EVO8??? That is really impressive, those are quick lil'(ok not so little) cars.
      Boxy is foxy

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      1985 Renault R5 Turbo 2


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        S2000 what a joke

        I've always wanted to see how my car would stack up against an s2000. Anyways the other night my dream came true. I pulled up next to this s2000 and tried to get their attention but to no avail. So when the light turned green I hit it and took off. I could see that the dude in the honda noticed and tried to catch up. So now that I got his attention I rolled down my window at the next light and the guys says," I know what you got in there, 333 hp." What a dumbass so big fat Italian dude. Anyways I said,"It's a four banger." So he says,"Yeah mine too." So when the light turns green my adrenaline is pumping and I probably dropped the clutch way to high but my tach is on the fritz so I don't know exactly how high the rpms were at at launch. So I kill the guy! That is so disappointing. I know that I can't beat an s2000 as I only have the cam and chip but it would have been fun to see how close I could keep up. That stupid Italian probably didn't even know how to drive!!! Anyways that would've been a great story but unfortunately people buy cars and don't know how to drive them. Damn It!
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          yesterday i was at my local track. BIR. I pulled onto the track behind a detomaso pantera. i just had victoracers put on, so i was getting comfortible with them. he gained a little the first lap or so. by the end of the 4 or 5 lap stint, i was right on his ass for the last couple laps. I know i was running quicker times by atleast a second or two.

          best time of day, 1:59.

          previous best with gforce KDs was 2:05 with passenger. but that was a rather hot day.


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            The Oak Woody

            What do you have against Italians?


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              You can really call it a race but when I drove my E30 M3 from London(UK) on the M1 to home I had a 325i decide he was faster than me so wouldnt get out of the way so I just pushed him until he moved out of the way at about 135mph. He gave me a looked of defeat when I past him.


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                HEY FSPINE,

                My references to Italians was nothing personal against you it was just a descriptor. I hate all non-whites so its not like I was picking on Italians. I hope that clears things up for you.
                "Condoms break baby, Deal with it."

                - Max Weinberg


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                  Coming back from an autocross yesterday I came across a Mercedes 2.3/ know one of the old Touring Car competitors from back in the day, another homologation car like ours. From about 60-90 MPH I pulled about 4-5 car lengths on him. We stopped for gas and checked out each other's cars. His machine was bone stock while mine has some mods, noAFM etc.



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                    Re: FSPINE IT WAS NOTHING PERSONAL

                    Originally posted by theoakwoody
                    I hate all non-whites so its not like I was picking on Italians. I hope that clears things up for you.

                    /// M3NTAL Kev


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                      Please refrain from posting BS regarding race.

                      Disclaimer: Remember, I know absolutely nothing, but it doesn't prevent me from having an opinion or suggestion. :


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                        now that this post has gone racial I feel I can post.

                        I raced a 996 it kicked my ass in a new way


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                          I've lapped some big dollar cars at the track... now its hard to say if it was me or the M3 or a combination of both...

                          track kills include...
                          Dodge Viper GTS (everywhere except the back straight),
                          NSXs (when they let me pass),
                          fox body Mustangs,
                          993 Carrera 2s (its fun to watch their faces),
                          Ferrari 308GTS(setup for track),
                          e39 M5s,
                          e28 M5s (even an SC one),
                          e34 M5s,
                          e46 M3s,
                          MZ3 roadsters... haven't had much luck with the "tennis shoe",
                          loads of e36 M3s (its nice to run the same rubber and weigh 600lbs less)
                          there are others... I just can't think of them now...

                          Cars that have handed me my ass at the track...
                          bubble hatch civic full race car with 2L VTEC motor (2 season ago, I'm confident I could catch him now),
                          acura NSX (well driven by a guy who does 30-35 track days a year),
                          e30 M3s (well driven 2.5Ls and the occasional 2.3L),
                          e36 M3s (stripped and purpose built and well driven)

                          At the end of the day, its all about how much speed you can carry throughout the track and how much "pucker factor" you are comfortable with. BTW, I'm running 1:42 to 1:43 laps at Mosport.
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                            I too am a race whore. I will race anyone, anywhere at anytime. I like to pick and choose but that is not always possibel. And like the rest of you guys I have my share of wins and losses. One particular loss is to my brother's Honda CRX with Acura engine and turbo. Cars weighs like 1700 pounds and spanked me. He put new computer and set all the curves on it. He had trouble controlling it cuz it was so fast. He would still rather have my car.

                            Mad Mike


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                              I also have a weakness for racing people, nothing fast n furious style, just friendly races. Heres a few.....

                              I've beaten 5 S2000s(all stock) to date, all beaten with just a chip at the time

                              Lost to an E36 M3(unsure of his mods if any), raced from 5-120mph and he put about 3-4 cars on me. Again, just had a chip then.

                              Beat a Z4 3.0 manual tranny(stock), went from a 55mph roll, put about 1.5 cars on him by the end of 4th.

                              Beaten a few new mustang GTs and several SN95 GTs.

                              Beaten countless civic SI's, preludes, GSRs, etc.....