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E30 M3 vs. Lancer Evo vs. Subaru STi

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  • E30 M3 vs. Lancer Evo vs. Subaru STi

    I just finished up a pretty good weekend. Started it off Saturday morning installing my 25mm master cylinder and a set of Porterfield R4 pads, also bled and replaced fluid with AP600. Anyways, drove it for a while to bed the pads, and went to sleep for a fun Sunday at the track.

    Got to the track, some pretty quick cars, including a few of my friends and their e30s, one with an S52 conversion. But there are 2 silver cars, one a 04 Lancer Evo, the other a Subaru WRX STi. So I'm talking to these guys, and they're way cool, brand new fast and rare cars, and they don't think anything of the old BMW in their run group.

    So I'm out on the track with these guys, I didn't think it could do it, but the M3 was reeling them in, slowly but surely. Turns out I was running about a second ahead of them on this track, about a 1:02 to a 1:03.

    Thought I'd share some another story about how competitive these "old" Bimmers are...

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    nNice! Did the evo or sti owner realize that you were running faster laps? If so, what were their reactions knowing that a 14 year old car with 1/2 the hp of their car was beating them?

    "Unlike the latter day E36 and E46 M3's, the
    original E30 M3ís main purpose in life was to
    win races on the track, not the street. It
    got the job done."


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      I LOVE IT!!!

      Yea, did you ever catch them?

      I caught up to a Z06 and F355 out at the track one time, they were both very upset at a cheap old BMW schooling them! To be fair I was a much better driver then both of them, but it was still a great day to show the Z06 guy my little 4 banger! He thoght mine was the new E46, and was so surprised!

      Both the Lancer and STI are great cars! I really like them both! Accually thinking about selling the 5er and getting one as a dailly driver.

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        I recently had a no holds barred test drive of a Lancer EVO. Hell of a nice car.

        The only real advantage it had over my E30M3 (but this is a big one) was torque. Acceleration at speed and handling were very similar.

        I would have thought, that all else being equal the Lancer would have had a significant advantage on the track. The torque it has can make up for a lot of mistakes on the part of the driver.

        Was the one you drove against competently driven?


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          I'd like to test drive both back to back.
          I've heard the quality control on the STi's is really lacking however.
          A local M3 owner blew up an STi motor on a test drive. :rolleyes:

          Chris L.

          Spray paint and tire shine doesn't equate to a "restoration!"


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            nice. i should have gone to spectate.

            yea, everytime im at the track i run into people and cars like that. i was lapping with a new evo a few weeks ago. he wasnt actually half bad a driver, i passed and he couldnt catch me. i wasnt on race tires back then. this last time i was lapping with a new sti, and amongst other cars a detomaso pantera. the sti was a bit faster than the evo, probably driver skill. i still totally lost him after one lap though, 3-5 seconds easy. i was on the victoracers. i too noticed that at speed, the evo wasnt much quicker. i was hitting 125 on the straight, he said he was just topping 130. i was surprised the first time i had him chase me on the straight, he couldnt catch me.

            chasing that pantera was fun. it was wet out, just starting to dry out. i had just spun out of t10. not too bad, didnt unwind enough, got too greedy. the tires had 900+ miles, moreso on the rear. a fun experience. that session with the pantera i was learning to push more and more as i felt more comfortible in the wet, and as the tires began to grip more. he was quicker initially, i was hanging with him for the first few laps. as i was able to totally push my car, i was closing on him steadily. as he pulled off, i was right there.

            what ive noticed, is that i run much quicker than most cars because of how hard i can comfortibly push it. those laps are balls out. the back section of that track is all 3rd gear corners where i really gain an advantage by tossing that shit around. ive driven a few open track events this summer, but even at my first event i felt good pushing the car hard.

            one instructor commented on this. he had an ITR, i wanted to let him try my car. sort of get an itr vs m3 comparo. he said he wouldnt push it too hard, i said "we'll see". they were very close cars, but overall he said he preferred the m3. (m3s rwd made exiting corners more crisp, stiffer ITR suspension made turnin feel a bit better) time? m3 (only 4 laps)2:07, itr (personal best of 2:05). same configuration, worn ass tires ive run quicker than those itr times though. both cars at the limit, i think the m3 is a bit quicker.

            he made it known that he enjoyed the experience


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              I see this quite a bit over here, in fact my next trackday is booked with the Lancer Register. Should be fun as there are about 20 of us going and main in Bm's amd must be 12-15 E30 M3's.
              Some of the guys can really drive which is going to upset a few of the Lancer guys too LOL.
              The thing with those cars is that you can tune the hell out of them. There's was one over here by Norris Designs that had over 700 BHP and about 625 lbs ft of torque!!!! I like so see us try an keep up with that on a track!

              To get that sort of power from a 4 pot is very impressive not sure if it was still a 2 litre but I doubt it to put out those kinda numbers.
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                They knew I was running with them, the STi guy was actually really pissed off at a whole bunch of things that day, including not being able to beat me (or the lancer) He ended up getting booted from the event for doing a donut in the middle of the paddock (dumbass) He pretty much showed up trying to prove something though. The Lancer guy was a lot cooler, but he was actually trying to say that the STi and Lancer are more rare than an e30 M3, and commented about how much more of a loss it would be if one of those got wrecked compared to my M! To each their own of course, but c'mon!


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                  They might be rare in the US, but over here there everywhere. I see them all the time, it's not that often I see another E30 M3
                  "It's not the mountain we conquer but ourselves"


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                    At least two thousand, maybe as high as three thousand E30 M3s still roam US roads The EVO / STI will be with us for awhile and both will soon surpass that quantity, they are supposedly to be sold for years to come. Another "rare" car, the S2000, sells about 10,000 + samples per year off the top of my head - pretty common by comparison. The "Big Year" for our cars was 1988 when around 2/3 were sold. '91s number in the hundreds. Another interesting fact was that our cars sold new for $35,000, which is more than either the EVO or STI do now! Were the Sport Evolution M3 to have come to the US, it would have had to sell for $50,000-60,000.

                    The EVO has good steering feel and balance. The steering is much quicker than in our cars. I think the EVO is closer to the hard core nature of the E30 M3 than the STI. Great for low speed steering response, not sure if it's too fast or not on the open track. Our "slow" steering is actually jes' fine on the track. But it can be a pain in autocross.

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                      show them what you're made of! :burn:


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                        I don't know about what part of the country you guys are in, but here in Vegas, you can't swing a dead cat without hitting an EVO, STI or Hummer H2. And, in most cases, they're trying to catch up to me to see what I'm driving. Anyway, Car & Driver TV did a test of the EVO and STI over a rally course, and the EVO won hands down. Mostly because they said it was easier to drive at the edge. Two Cents.


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                          Most of the test i've seen in Evo mag ( UK mag) the Lancer is usally the quicker round a track.
                          "It's not the mountain we conquer but ourselves"


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                            my gooood friend just got an evo. its a fantastic car. turns and stops on a dime, and accelerates at a blazing speed. so now i know your m3 is just that sick

                            good post
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                              Wow, I never knew the Evo's could even compete with the sTI's

                              Awesome to see the E30 M3 still tearin shit up 15 yrs later
                              My rides: 325is/E30 M3