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Best/cheapest place to get wheel spacers

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  • Best/cheapest place to get wheel spacers

    Title says it all... im looking for 20mm spacers and 50mm studs. Thanks for your suggestion, matt

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    I bought 15mm spacers and 15mm longer bolts which cost $250 4 years ago and the price has not changed.($50 for bolts, $200 for spacers)

    20mm spacers will probably need to be bolted to your hub, then you bolt your wheel to the spacer. Don't know the price on that setup.

    This is one of those "you get what you pay for" type of items. I went with very high quality hub-centric spacers and have had 0 issues with 4 years of driving.

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      Rogue Engineering spacers are very nice. They also have a bevel on the rear portion of the OD. This simplifies later removal as spacers tend to get stuck on. They tend to get stuck because they are aluminum and the rotor surface they seat against is iron. Which leads to corrosion since the different metals have differing electrochemical characteristics. Rogue uses wheel bolts from Tire Rack. It's a good idea to use some antisieze too.

      Rogue Engineering



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        I'm using the Rogue Engineering 18mm spacers. They are fantastic and came with longer bolts (not that it matters if you're going to studs).

        Excellent product at a very decent price, IMHO.

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          I'll also second the Rogue spacers. I got the 18mm spacers with the bolts for $200. Good price for a quality piece.
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