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experiance with fan clutch replacment?

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  • experiance with fan clutch replacment?

    Has any one had to replace their fan clutch? If so how difficult was it to replace. Is it somthing that I should leave to the mechanic. Also where is the cheapest place to purchase the peace, is selling it for $214 thanks

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    It's easy to do. You unscrew the fan+clutch assembaly from the water pump pully, it's reverse threaded though. Once it's out there are 4 bolts that hold the clutch to the fan. Easy.


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      I have some instructions showing you need some special tools from bmw for the replacment, what other tools can be used in replacment.


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        The special tool is just a narrow 32mm wrench. The space between the fan clutch and the pulley is tight but a standard 32mm open end wrench should fit.

        This nut is reverse threaded and requires very little torque, so it should come off easily.



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          >>>I have some instructions showing you need some special tools from bmw for the replacment, what other tools can be used in replacment.<<<

          You don't need special tools.

          * A crude way using normal tools: Use a screwdriver wedged between two of the mounting bolt heads to keep things stationary. (the bolts that go through the pulley and into the flange on the water pump) Then use a channelock to grip the hex section, turning it towards tight to loosen it since the threads are reverse. I find it easier to reach in from the passneger side.

          * A better way using an 8 dollar tool. Get a stamped steel 32 mm open end wrench from a bicycle store. Use that on the hex. (Normal 32 mm wrenches are too thick too fit and expensive besides) Use the screwdriver method to hold stuff still. Sometimes a short, sharp shot on the wrench breaks things loose with no screwdriver. I take off and put back on my clutch fan a few times per year. With the 32 mm wrench and a noncorroded mount, it takes under a minute. Crack it loose then spin the fan by hand to loosen it further, going slow at the end so that the fan won't fall. You have to be careful to avoid smacking the radiator surface. You don't need to remove the shroud.

          * You don't have to tighten the new unit up much as the engine rotation will do this for you, working against the clutch resistance. I usually just thread it on by hand, spinning it on once the threads engage. No tools.

          * The factory tools attach to the hub via the retaining bolts. That hardest part of the job is the initial loosening. Things tend to get corroded if the clutch fan has been in place for a long time on a year round driven car.



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            I woudl go to a bikcycle shop and get a 32mm head set wrench for $10.

            Then I would spend $10 on the DTM nut that covers the exposed threads.

            Then get a 1990+ 318 fan switch.

            No engine fan, no more expensive fan clutches.

            All the EURO cars did not have a engine fan, that is part of the reason they cost so dam much, they are only for US cars.

            Do not click
            At least it's German


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              All good information. I am surprise that no one mention that there is a cheaper alternative to the fan clutch. Don't know the part# will check. BTW a strap wrench can be helpful the hold the fan hub. A sharp rap on the wrench usually work best.


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                Hey Ped, I've done it on my M3. I even have the wrench if you want to borrow it. It is a little tricky getting it loose, but once you have it loose, it should be easy. I don't like Bavarian, go to


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                  Go here part #
                  11 52 1 466 000 Fan clutch (Alternate, less expensive part number)

                  Go here to buy:
                  Avoid buying used fan clutch unless it's real cheap.


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                    for those of you with the 318 fan switch, can you give the PN?

                    I don't know where it is on the ETK.



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                      61 31 8 361 787 there it is


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                        delete the visco fan altoghether and run the electric fan
                        off the thermostat switches.



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                          I'm running an E34 M5 fan. It was cheaper than the E30 M3 fan and has more blades to it. FWIW:nahnah:

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