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whats the best air filter to use on my m3

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    A few years ago, after a race, both with carbs or programmable injection, my 2002 racecar would simply die or be extremely lumpy when pitting in at low speed. The high temp of the engine, the very low flow of air was a peformance killer. Then I made a custom CF airbox that sucked fresh air from the nose panel. It kinda improved engine power when going all out, and allowed me to pit-in in all my glory... no more sputtering.

    It is true that when moving, there still is a lot of fresh air entering the engine bay. But stuck in a California highway traffic jam under heavy sun... Puh, puh, puh.

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    1989 M3 racecar
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      wow thx guys for all the info uv realy helped me alot i think ill jus stick to my oem part as the car does go well any way with it so thx for saving me hundreds of pounds which i would of spent with out your info.chers
      Do it fast or not atall!


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        Originally posted by LeeVuong View Post
        BTW Cone filters left out getting hot air from the engine bay are as effective as pills that are supposed to make your dick bigger... (no personal experience with the later).
        SO the pills dont work? Damn.... :rolleyes:
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