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    Originally posted by GraemeD View Post
    it looks like there would be enough of us for our own group buy, maybe after they publish a dyno run sheet?

    I think I'll just wait till they got all the facts. And hope there will be another GB, if all goes well. [peace]

    Thanks all...



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      bit more info..

      This is what Dan Miller had to say at the beginning of last month - I've clarified what he's answering in capitals. I can't see any reason why he wouldn't want me to post this here - it's all positive stuff, and the promised dyno runs should get a fair few people, like myself and others on this thread, off the fence and in their order books:

      Hi Nick,

      You can use the factory flange that comes on the M30 AFM, it simply fits between the MAF and your intake tube [I ASKED IF YOU COULD FIT AN AFTER MARKET AIR FILTER TO THE MAF]. We did not change the rev limit but the fuel curve and ignition curves are modified. As of right now we don't have dyno runs, we are on tour of the US tuning customers cars for them. We will be in North Carolina later this month and there are said to be some M3's that we have to take care of.

      We should have dyno runs for you then. As for the cams, we will see if our maps need adjustment at all in NC and then we will offer a software version for cams if need be [I ASKED IF THEY WOULD OFFER DIFFERENT CHIPS FOR DIFFERENT CAMS SUCH AS THE POPULAR SHRICK COMBO, OR WHETHER THE NATURE OF THE MAF WOULD COMPENSATE FOR THEIR DIFFERENT REQUIREMENTS].

      And it shouldn't be a problem to mount to a carbon air box. as for prices, they are in US dollars.

      Thanks for your interest and we will keep you updated as to what is happening with the s14 MAF.

      -Dan Miller-
      Nick Vyse
      M2 Touring
      (s14 powered 2002)


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        With the current barn door Mafs on our cars getting on, I'm interested, but since no AFR data has been published, for stock engined cars with stock and aftermarket chips, I too have been waiting.

        peak horsepower means nothing if the area under the power curve gets smaller.



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          Waiting in the wings. Off topic but semi on topic, how does the M20 guys like theirs? Has Miller released data on their AFR and dyno plots?
          Who knows where I'll be, changes from day to Continent.


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            my car was test mule for them for developing the maf for the S14. i didnt get any afr print outs or anything. im not sure they even dyno'd it or anything because it was installed a few hours. i did notice gains and a positive differences in the low to middle rpm ranges. but, right now, the car smells super rich all the time and seems to have a occasional slight miss at high rpms. im worried if the engine burns down or wont pass emissions.


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              What ever happened guys. I've been searching for the best MAF system to get and found this thread that just stopped. Did anyone come to a conclusion?


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                I never acted on this as all initial reports of their setup that I heard resulted in pinging/detonation.

                I've not heard of it being resolved yet.

                Hopefully it does/has been resolved.

                Chris L.

                Spray paint and tire shine doesn't equate to a "restoration!"


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                  I need a new MAF system. What do you guys think the best systems for our cars are?


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                    At some point I will get the Miller system, they seem to be the most active in development at this time.


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                      What are you guys using now stock 2.5L(evo) AFM's?


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                        Split Second was the king of the hill back in the day when it came to MAF conversions perhaps because they were the only ones who offered a conversion kit for the S14. However, I have always heard mixed reviews on whether or not the kit was reliable enough. I've heard of units being defective and cars not running right. Hopefully the Miller systems will be better. I think they started out doing these conversions on Porsches back in the day. $550 is a great price, $399 is even better considering Split Seconds system is like $900.

                        I have also heard of people using the Perfect Power SMT6 or 7 piggyback to convert to MAF and they can adjust the timing with the unit as well. Seems to be a very powerful piggyback but I never heard of anyone using it on an S14. (Paging Gunni)

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                          I purchased and installed the Miller MAF system a few months ago. There are definitely benefits to the system that I believe I have touched on here before-greatly increased throttle response, better low and mid range torque, much better driveability, and a bit of an overall power increase. However, as Chris mentioned, I too am having pinging/detonation around 2500-3000 RPM under load. I have never heard it under full throttle, but if I am in second or third gear at low speeds and at part to half throttle, it will always ping in that RPM range.

                          Another problem is that although I thought it was just carbon buildup due to my short daily driving trips, I have definitely noticed that my car is running too rich-under medium to hard accleration I get black smoke out of the exhaust at times, and my fuel mileage has decreased. I recently purchased an '02 X5 4.4i for my daily driver, so for the past few weeks the M3 has sat dormant. But I need to get these issues fixed. The guys at Miller were very helpful with an issue I had when I first bought the kit, and promised they would help me resolve the pinging issue, but I just have not had time to follow up with them in the last month or so.

                          But in my opinion, I think that every M3 is slightly different-either due to modifications or states of tune-that each of their chips needs to be individually tuned for each car-and we know that is not going to happen. Although I will miss the systems benefits, if they cannot resolve my pinging issues I will be going back to the AFM as I would rather keep a running engine in the long run.

                          If anyone has any questions they would like to ask me about the system, I will be happy to answer them the best I can.
                          Eric Giles
                          '07 X5 4.8i
                          '01 325i


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                            Guys thanks for the feedback. The Miller system really worries me since I am just getting done rebuilding my car do to a blown piston from (pinging/detonation issues). I really am looking for a good system to get my car back on the road and get some miles on her since its been 8 months I've been working on her. The Hp and torque I can spare for now, I just want something pretty solid.
                            Thanks again,


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                              When I looked into this (chip-only MAF solution) back in the days before it was banned in Prepared class in Club Racing, what I found was that the transfer functions of the MAF and the AFM were so different (one is more logarithmic, the other is more square-root), that there simply isn't enough adjustment range in the factory correction tables to fix it properly.

                              IMHO, you need either some signal conditioning between the MAF and the ECU (piggyback system like the Split Second), or you need to re-write the code and change the routines so you can use the different shape transfer function of the MAF.

                              I went as far as re-doing the code to work with any arbritrary transfer function, but just when we were about to start testing, MAF conversions were banned in Club Racing and that's as far as I got. The project has been mothballed ever since, but could be resurected if there is enough interest.

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                                As there been any new developments with Miller's kit for S14? Has anyone seen yet a graph with AFR or something of similar info? Who has one in their car, apart for Eric Gilles? BTW What octane were you running when you got pinging at mid RPM? 91 or 94?
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