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  • Mario L.

    A cylinderhead rebuild at 80K miles should include:
    Complete cleaning and carbon removal
    Detailed inspection of all parts.
    Pressure testing of cylinderhead.
    Inspection and measurements of valve to guide clearance.
    Replacement of guides if clearance is close to limit.
    ( most S14s will need guides at 115k - 120K )
    Grinding of valve seats.
    Grinding of valve faces.
    Replacement of valve seals.
    Inspection and force measurement test of valve springs.

    Valve clearance adjustment is part of engine assembly.

    other parts may need to be replaced , all depending on the inspection.

    Mario L.

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  • Brendan
    started a topic Cylinder Head Refresh

    Cylinder Head Refresh

    Hi Everyone,

    Finally getting my act together again now that I have time on my hands. I'm currently rebuilding my engine to mostly stock specs after a spun bearing last summer. In terms of upgrades I *might* go as high as Shrick 284/276 cams, but might also stay stock or somewhere in between. What this post is about, I'm getting ready to have my cylinder head "refreshed" while it's off the car. It has 82K miles, and I don't know any of it's real history in terms of previous owners.

    I'm trying to educate myself what goes into a head refresh, and what the various options are (I'm not getting into porting, yet anyways). What can I do myself, what do I need to have done? What would you leave alone? Comments?


    Spring Seats
    Valve Springs
    Valve Guides
    Valve Seals

    New Valves, Lap Valves, Neither?
    Machine Valve Seats?
    Valve Adjustment?

    Did I miss anything? I'm considering the easy route and and having one of our vendors in the Northeast just handle it all for me, I just want to make sure I educate myself and know what goes into it all first.

    Thanks in advance,