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E30 M3 vs. E28 M5

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  • E30 M3 vs. E28 M5

    For a long time I have been considering buying an E28 M5 (euro spec 286 hp). Now there's one for sale in our local club and I can't decided what to do. Would like to hear your opinions and thoughts about, owning both (possible financial nightmare ) or switching to M5 or just trying to forget the whole thing.

    - Risto

    PS Both cars are Diamantschwarz
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    Is the M3 your daily driver? It's my daily when I bought it, I didn't understand how much maintainence (sp, if wrong, sorry to the spelling police. It's still early) was involved with this car. But I've grown a passion for tinkering around with it. What I'm getting at is that I'm sure the M5 will probably be just as involved as the M3 so if you have the ability to maintain both, then why not. As long as money's not an issue. But I would definately try to keep the M3. But that may be a biased opinion.
    P.S. Get both for bragging rights!!


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      Some months a ago I was tempted to change my daily driver (E36) to something totally different and tried to find a E28 M5. Then I considered winter and my wifes driving skills and ended up buying a '03 330i touring instead (boring...). The M3 has always been a weekend/track day car and now the M5 would serve the same purpose. What I'm concerned is mostly whether two 'hobby' cars is a sensible option. Money is somewhat a concern - not so much question of the acquisition but as I'm living in the city centre I might end up needing a bigger garage.


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        You'll most definitely regret selling the M3 if you do. Only get the e28 M5 only if you could keep both.


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          I have always love the e28 but I would never let go of my e30 in order to get one. Then again....only you can really answer that question. How passionate are you regarding the e28? If you are passionate'll likely not second guess yourself or what you should do. That is my take anyway.


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            The e28 definitely has a cult following. People are trying to get these M5s because they are the predessor to all M5s, and it is by far the most affordable out of the M5s.