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Have you ever been tempted to put LEDs in the dash?

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    Well, I can turn my alternator "on" by releasing my hand brake, sometimes it takes a "on/off" or two of the handle and the lights shut off and the alternator kicks on.
    It, didn't always do that (IIRC), but I love it since I don't have to cold blip the engine at all.

    It's def not 1500RPMs. Even the smallest of blips seems to trigger it on in most M3s.

    I was told by VAC that this "blip" is common/normal to almost all M3s, although my hand brake thing apparently is not one they heard of...
    If I don't turn on my alt. and I accidentally let the car idle for 20 min...I have had my car kill the battery, that sucks...let me tell you.
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      Originally posted by El KuRLy View Post
      so it's not a good idea replacing the 2821 3watt bulb(orange glow) with led's??
      Has anybody done this??


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        i just replaced it with a W5W bulb which is 5watts
        looks much brighter
        i also got the LEDs, but too lazy to take the thing out again