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Returned SACHS clutch kit.

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    you guy's worry me! I have just fitted a new SACHS clutch and there was no time to do any in depth checks on any part. All I know is that I have a non M3 pressure plate (no holes)
    Is there a possibility that the non M3 pressure plate isn't up to the higher revs of the S14?? Fingers crossed.

    Goodbye M3, you served me well.


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      The 134 PP is for the 325i/ix. (see post#13 in this thread)
      Sachs Kit # 3000 457 001 should contain PP 3082 005 336, disc 1882 168 232, TO 3151 231 031.



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        Just recieved my clutch kit today and.....

        Pressure plate number is the 134 plate but.... its got holes around the sides and two sandwiched straps in three spots.

        clutch plate number is 1861661133

        Any idea if the pressure plates for the M3 and 325i are the same now? I know the old 134 plate had no holes for ventilation, or whatever its for, but mine does.

        What the hell clutch plate do I have? Any ideas if its a new number?

        Anyone have access to Sachs recent part numbers for the M3? I know the post above has them, but are they the only ones and most recent? Any help would be great as i'm waiting on this for some major repairs on the driveline, and i don't want to pull the tranny twice.


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          What’s the go-to clutch kit in 2020? For use on a street car with an Evo flywheel.


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            I am using 21212226854 with my EVO flywheel. Works great.

            Diameter [mm]: 228 - Number of Teeth: 10 - Hub Profile: 23x29-10NTransmittable Torque 300+ Nm.Manufacturer compare numbersBMW21 20 2 226 55521 20 2 225 9022 226 5552 225 90221 21 2 226 8542 226 854
            1990 M3

            Usually it's best not to know how much money you have into your M3


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              Thanks for that link! I always find it funny how the threads here time jump. From. 2008 to 2020.
              There'll be Spandex jackets one for everyone ...