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Returned SACHS clutch kit.

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  • Returned SACHS clutch kit.

    I ordered a brand new SACHS clutch kit from a local shop and the Pr. plate had a 3" flat ground area on the side of mating surface that allowed the disc to hang over about 1/4" inch. The area was probably ground for balancing. But still, I could not see installing a new kit where the disc did not have 100% contact the PR plate. Also the springs in the disc rattled. The clutch and PR plate were stamped Made in Germany.
    I returned the new kit for a refund.
    Still need a kit and am thinking maybe Centerforce? Or try another SACHS?
    They are about the same price.
    Or am I just being too picky?
    Anyone here ever install a Centerforce on a BMW?
    Have only used 'em on V8's.

    Thanks in advance.
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    Couldn't you have simply asked for a replacement instead of your money back? Especially that the shop is local. Maybe not the best way to create good relations with this shop. Remember that one day you could be knee deep in problems, and the shop can help you.

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      They only had the one set availiable. Last one in the WHSE, with no idea when another set would be availiable. Actually glad it worked out that way if the quality has slipped that much on the SACHS part.

      Also, the dealer is on back order.

      The guy was a A hole. He didnt see anything wrong with it, and was a bit shitty when I pointed it out. I failed to mention I was dealing with dumbshits at AutoZone. Nuf said.


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        I went with a Clutchmasters Stage 1 kiit
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          Ordered another standard OEM Sachs kit. (Made in Germany)
          I have found prices from $189.00 to $650 for the exact same kit?
          These folks are 20 minutes from me, so I will give it a shot.
          Will let you know how it goes!

          (photo does not show correct disc in kit, example only)
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              Make sure you can return or warranty a defective clutch kit. As always, the cheapest price isn't always the best deal. I had an entire clutch installed twice after my mechanic found an out-of-spec pressure plate on the first kit. I bought it without any way to warranty it (bought it from a reputable BMW tuner - it was only "test fitted")

              good luck,


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                "cheapest price isn't always the best deal"

                I generally agree,
                can anyone explain the large price difference for the same part?

                Paid $370 for the defective Pr plate kit 1st time, now $229.
                Will look it over. The parts are all brand new, but will still inspect.

                BTW, what was wrong with your out of spec Pr. plate?
                Balance issue? Vibration? Other?

                I like to have the flywheel balanced, then balance again with the PR plate bolted to it. $100.00 extra bucks well spent IMO.


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                  PP wasn't releasing to spec - the clutch wouldn't disengage.


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                    Was it the standard German Sachs OEM replacement?

                    I wonder how you could check for that prior to the install?


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                      The kit was definitely an OEM Sachs clutch, but I can't tell if it was made in Germany or not. The second kit I purchased was the BMW part, but was the same except for packaging.

                      My mechanic measured the first pressure plate's travel on his workbench and it was less than the newer plate he had on hand. This was after he had installed and removed it unfortunately :shit:



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                        Thanks, thats good to know.
                        The actual height/depth would also be a plus.
                        Will measure mine when it shows up and post the measurements.


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                          Well, got the 1st SACHS kit and it was not correct so it was sent back.

                          The seller was cool about it and shipped a 2nd kit.
                          I called SACHS and was told the E30 M3 PR plate part number should be
                          3082 005 336, The BMW 325i / 325 ix part number is 3082 005 134.
                          I was sent the 3082 005 134 PR plate with both kits. Called the vendor and he and his supplier swears its same part and it will work perfectly. He even said he would cover the installation if it was not correct. Not interested in the hassle, just want to do it once and am not in a hurry. Anyone here know if these really do interchange? Maybe this is why some folks have issues and others do not? Actual SACHS distributors are putting either PR plate in their kits? Anyone have any info on this? Or is it just B.S?

                          Here is a list by part number that was shipped to me and a few photos.

                          PR. Plate 3082 005 134 ?????
                          Clutch disc 1862 168 232 (looks correct)
                          TO bearing 053151231031 / 614105 cb-04003 (it looks correct)

                          Thanks in advance!
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                            Interesting that they are using the 325 pressure plate. Bet it is $100 cheaper...would suck to put it together and either not work or fail early. Nice work on verifying the details. Personally, with what you have seen, I would return the assy. and get a different one.
                            Good luck,
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                              I got my clutch kit from Bimmerworld and it is a 336 pressure plate.