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  • Fuel Pump Relay

    So now my subframe is back on (thank Brandon), a few more minor torque, lower oil pan and I should be done with the job start out with rod bearing & oil pump, end up with subframe replacement. I am about to ready to prime the oil pump and start the car after 5 weeks (suppose to be 8 hours job), anyone handy enough to tell me which one is the fuel pump relay? For the ignition, I imagine just pull the coil wire is sufficient? TIA
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    Fuel pump relay is on the opposite side to the fuse box, behind the plastic shield, under scuttle (far corner)

    There are a couple of relays, one is to DME (if engine running car will stop dead if you pull this one) the other is the fuel relay (pull this one and car will slow down then die as car runs out of fuel) - from memory it is the one towards middle of car.


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      As Marco said, these 3 relays are under the plastic cover behind the coolant reservoir on the firewall. This photo is from the Koala Motorsport repair CD.



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        bridge terminal 11 and 14 in the diagniostic socket and be done with it. This spins only the starter moter, no fuel pump running, no injectors firing, no ignition sparking...