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Clutch will not disengage, what could it be?

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  • Clutch will not disengage, what could it be?

    This morning when I went to start my car, I was not able to get the car in any gear. The transmission acted just like I was trying to shift into a gear without pushing in the clutch. The pedal pressure feels perfectly normal, but the clutch is definitely not disengaging. With the car off, I was able to select a gear and tried, while pushing the clutch in, to start the car and it lurched forward when starting because it was still in gear. I have seen clutches "stick" themselves to flywheels after overheating them due to severe abuse, but I had not been hard on the clutch any time recently before today. There is no fluid leaking from anywhere that I can see and the resevoir has plenty of fluid in it.

    Also, the clutch, transmission, master and slave cylinders, throw out bearing, and pilot bearing were all replaced last August, so they are relatively new parts.

    Anyone know what could be the problem???

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    I had a new clutch do the same thing in a different car. When I got things apart, I found a small piece of the clutch (metal hub material) had broken off and wedged itself between the flywheel and the clutch disc. This offset the clutch by raising one side higher off the flywheel than the other to a point that the release travel wasn't enough to fully disengage things. Id say there is a small chance you could have a similar problem. If things are all new, then Id say the chances are high that one of those new parts failed like mine did.

    Start with the basics before you tear everything out though. Could have a small leak or air bubble in the clutch line.

    Good luck! Keep us posted with your findings.


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      Sorry, I meant last August as in August '02, incase you thought I meant this past August. I will look into what you mentioned though.


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        Looks like it's time to pull the tranny again. lol Bring it by Thunder on Sunday and we can rip it apart if you like. Lift and air tools are a wonderful thing.


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          It could also be the clutch master cylinder which lives above the clutch pedal. Often when they go you can find some moisture (brake fluid) in the vicinity.



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            I had this exact same problem. when I removed the tranny, I found that the metal "fingers" that the throw out bearing rides on had worn on one side to the point of not contacting the throw out bearing anylonger.

            about 8 out of 30 or so had done this just on the drivers side (parts clossest to the slave cylinder) this allowed the clutch to disengage only partly, causing the car to lunge forward if I did not keep my foot on the brake (It desingaged enough that I could put the clutch in and hold the brake to keep the car stopped as I limped it home, but I could not put the car in 1st from a stop.)

            a new clutch fixed the problem

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              We tore Jonathan's car apart this afternoon. His disengagement problems were due to the disc melting to the flywheel. :surprised We had to pry it off with a prybar. lol I'll have some pics posted later tonight of the clutch assembly.

              His clutch setup consists of:

              Mcleod pressure plate
              Mcleod kevlar/organic disc
              stock, resurfaced flywheel.

              I'll be calling Mcleod tomorrow to see if they will send us another clutch.

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