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PLEASE HELP ! runnin problem.any one had before

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  • PLEASE HELP ! runnin problem.any one had before

    hello there any help will be very much appreciated

    i jumped onto my car the other day and started her up but she was miss fire'ing very badly so i just touched the throttel and the car just died out.
    i went to start again and she tryed to,it sounded like she would but then die off again.
    i finaly got her going and she would tick over fine on 1000 rpm but again,as soon as i touched the throttel the engine would go to die on me.
    i poped the hood and had a look around the usual things and they all seemed with the engine on tick over i used the throttel linkage to try rev her up and still same problem.the little black box with the cable goin next to the throttel boddies makes the tick sound when throttel moved which is good i think.but im stuck with ideas at the mo with where i should be looking,and the garages in jersey are a total rip off and they will charge me hours on hours of labour looking

    please any ideas
    justin from the channel islands
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    start with the basics, fuel filter, spark plugs, spark plug wires, distributor cap, rotor. sounds like an ignition problem.

    that click is normal, that box is the throttle position sensor.

    there may also be an air leak on the intake side of the motor, check all vacuum hoses around idle control valve and hoses around air box. The elbow on the intake plenum can come loose because it is a pressed in fitting. The throttle body gaskets may also need replacing.

    What fuel type are you running? 93 octane is best for the s14
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      Is the AFM connected?

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        iv checked most of them and they seem fine,just need to check the hose etc thx for your help on that.
        im running super unleaded and its 98 octane the lowest with have is 97 unleaded.
        when i was checking i tryed to rev it full throttel and it dident like it when she die'd a got a small puff of grey smoke from the back of engine,i dont think that was to good but now she wont fire up at all
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          sorry whats an AFM ?
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            air flow meter, the sensor that is on top of the air box, has a big plug connected to it. Make sure the plug is secure like lee said.

            Take it to a shop and get them to look it over for you, they will charge you for an inspection then you can decide whether or not you want them to work on it.