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Blower motor issue.

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  • Blower motor issue.

    I recently had mice get into my blower motor and decide that was a cozy place to live. I got everything cleaned out and everything worked fine for a while. I went out today and the blower motor sounded rough and didn't seem to have full power so I shut it off for a second. Now it won't come back on. I checked the fuse and it is fine so tht is not it. I am going to try and clean the blower motor resistor/relay but I don't think that is it because it doesn't work on high either. I did a little looking and found that there was 4 inch and a 5 inch blower motor. Which one do I need for my 89 car? I think maybe when I did all that cleaning I must have gotten some in the motor and maybe ruined it. I could not see any evidence that the mice chewed anthing up when they were in there. It looks like I can just take the motor out the firewall panel does anyone know if that is the case?