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  • Interior Parts Help?

    Hi Guys,

    My lower steering column cover since being removed by the alarm installer keep sagging and getting in the way of my feet, just slightly and then drops down!

    I am in need of finding some silly little parts! The under-steering wheel cover is affixed with various different parts. See Pic

    Image doesnt work, so link is

    I have the little plastic screws to affix to the upper part, number 12 x 3 and I have part no. 26 but without 27 & 28 this doesnt seem to fix home!! I am guessing that I need 27 and 28.

    Also, what is part number 13! - When affixing the lower shroud there appears to be a small long section that covers the steering column with a square hole...would I be right in saying that this bracket (No. 13) affixes to the column allowing the steering to continue to operate and on the square side of the bracket, this is fixed to the lower shroud, with again guessing with a type 12 or 25 plastic screw.

    As a side note: who has the light adjuster on their car....Do you know the common problem with this device not working and it is an easy repair or perhaps replacement - I would like to keep it as I have a new shroud with the cut-out for this device, would be a waste not to use it!

    Can anyone advise pls? much appreciated.

    (Sorry, I havent been on the site in absolute ages having not really used the M3 for a while as its been laid up through lack of use, work committments, getting into motorbikes....bla excuse really cos when she does got out the eyes of the other motorists nearly pop out with so few around the area and that its unmodified)

    Cheers Phil
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    my advice, just remove it. Then theres no chance of your foot getting locked on a pedal. Plus you wont hear that annoying ding ding ding ding ding anymore. Just try rolling with it removed I bet you will like the extra foot room.


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      Are you aware there are clips near the pedals where the knee bolster thing is held in place? Try getting the bolster in those and see if that helps before you try hunting down all those parts.


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        Thanks guys - I have ordered the small parts that I mentioned for only a few quid. I noticed that the shroud was not properly fitted into the little claps on either side which has raised it slightly away from the pedals - Will wait and see if the parts work!
        E30 M3 - The Original Inspiration


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          Regards the hydraulic height adjusters I dont think they work too well now as the units cracked and let out all the fluid (what ever it was ) what have done on mine is fitted some electric ones from a mk3 vauxhall astra although is hasnt the same variation as the old ones, works fine and only needs 3x wires going to each servo unit. using the battery feed to the illumination light of old adjuster, keeps wiring tidy.......