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  • loss of heat

    it was a warm night and i turned the temp dial on the heater control down. ever since then i have not been able to get the heater to blow hot. i turn the knob and the flow of air is changed so the knob does do something but it doent change the temp. could it be a relay, heater core? thermostat?

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    Did you check the coolant level?


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      1, check coolant level.
      If Ok, then go out and drive the car hard.
      If the coolant temp starts to get excessive it may be a head gasket problem.
      If the coolant temp stays nominal during the hard drive, then my guess is that the temperature blend control unit is bad.



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        With the heat on and the engine at about 1500 RPM,check the temperature of the heater hoses. If both hoses are pretty hot then water is flowing thru the heater system and the problem is with the controls or the flaps. If one hose is sorta hot and the other is sorta cool, then probably the water shut off valve is stuck closed. When you turn the temp dial to all the way cool, it closes a switch which energizes the valve and shuts off the flow of water through the system. If both hoses are sorta cool, check your coolant level.


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          coolant level is good.
          you are refering to the hoses on top of the trans, in front of firewall?
          1 is hot as hell leading up to it and the one going to the heater core through the firewall is warm.
          so what jimmy says about "the water shut off valve being stuck closed sounds correct. so how do i open? replace the valve or is the prob some where else?
          thank you for your help


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            sounds dumb, but make sure the heater valve is plugged in


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              its plugged in.
              i just put a new dash in and everything was in working order before the other night.
              while the dash was out i had the blower box out too. i had just the heater core hooked up so i could still start the car. i would leave the car running and the inside of the car would get hot just with the heater core hanging out in mid air. so it is like the heater core has been shut off.
              thanks for all the help
              it would not be the same owning this car with out all you guys


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                If you unplug the electrical connector at the valve it should open if it's not stuck. If you play with the temp control dial you should feel it opening and closing.

                Upper hose is outlet - goes to water pipe
                bottom hose is inlet - comes from back of cylinder head


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                  Just a question, where is the heater valve located?

                  I also lost my heat, checked the coolant level, its good.


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                    Originally posted by powerslide91730 View Post
                    Just a question, where is the heater valve located?

                    I also lost my heat, checked the coolant level, its good.
                    Drivers foot well... above the transmission tunnel, hidden behind the center console. You'll need to remove the console to see it if I remember correctly.

                    It's a black "box" that mounts onto the aluminum tubes you'll see coming in from the firewall.

                    Chris L.

                    Spray paint and tire shine doesn't equate to a "restoration!"


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                      Thanks chris.