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Couple S14 Mechanical Noise Questions

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    Originally posted by kiko View Post
    Slim to none.
    To clarify, by wrist pin, I meant the whole piston to rod connection(pin, piston, small end of rod, etc). Does this still stand? Sorry, I should have been more concise from the get go.

    By the way, thanks for all the advice thusfar!!
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      I'm yet to see an S14 with wrist pin slack (but yours could be the first, I know). I've only saw an S14 doing piston slap but at cold but that's it. This is NOT one of the S14's weak points.


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        Re: valve adjustments......most of you guys adjust your own or do you take your car to the local s14 mechanic?
        I need to have mine checked (possibly adjusted) much should this run me?? Is this a 2hr project?


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          correct.. 1.5-2 hrs is probably a shop's book time... you need a valve tappet depressor that runs about $110 for an aftermarket item to do the job. Also you would need the proper size shims.. It runs about $350-400 to buy a full shim kit from BMW. Some people have purchased the kit, others create their own from shims that they have removed. there is another thread about this if you search.
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            Thanks for the intel.