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ECU Question

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  • ECU Question

    I've got a friend who's brother's E30 M3 has dropped its ECU. He needs a replacement. He's under the impression that the European M3 has a different sized engine and needs a different ECU than the US versions. I've stated to him the difference in the M3 EVO, COECETTO, etc. and stated that unless he has a special edition E30 M3 or has done some crazy engine work, a standard replacement ECU will work with all E30 M3s. Before I message him back telling him he's wrong, I just want to confirm that even if he did have a Euro spec E30 M3, the ECUs in the European and US E30 M3s have the same wiring harness (loom) that connect and either would work.

    I've looked on but there seem to be a few different part numbers depending upon the year of the car. Can any one elaborate further what I need to confirm to help him out.

    Thanks all!
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    Just match up the the part number on your friends ECU and you'll be fine, I have a Euro spec m3 and received the ECU from a member in the US. Just make sure the numbers match.
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      ECU's are interchangeable among all E30 M3's, provided the right chip is used. Not all stock chips work with all ECU's, but most aftermarket chips do.