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Was SUPPOSED to take delivery tonight...

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  • Was SUPPOSED to take delivery tonight...

    So i was waiting around all day for the new arrival of my DS 1990 E30 M3.

    But alas, i got a phone call saying the shipping truck had gotten in an accident due to some Asshole running a red light and running into the side of the transporter. I paid 1200 dollars for shipping in an enclosed trailer and this is what i get.

    Damage was done to my car as well as the other cars inside the transporter, The shipper says the BMW only has minimal front fascia damage, but who knows, i still have yet to see the car. He says he will deliver tomorrow morning and his companies insurance will "cover the damages to the extent where i (the buyer) am happy"

    So ive pretty much had the shittiest night on earth, but we will see.

    Currently planning on having the car sent to a local BMW/Porsche body specialist to have the ENTIRE car looked over from Body to suspension points where the car was most likely mounted to the trailer from. Any damage WHATSOEVER will be charged to the shipping company, mark my words.

    :shit: :shit: :shit:

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    Make sure that all the body work is done by a reputable shop. If anything needs to be replaced, make sure it's BMW parts. Run that bill UP!!! It may have delayed the delivery of your vehicle, but you'll know that everything up front is alright after it's checkup.


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      damn that sucks.

      lock that car up in the garage for 6 months and don't touch it once it's fixed. It seems somethings out to get your car. Just hope somebody doesn't crash into your garage lol.

      where was it that there were photos of a pickup that smashed through a garage only to hit a ferrari parked inside. I can't find pics, but I know I saw them - Facebook Fan Page - Twitter


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        Make sure to have a frame shop use a laser system (e.g. Car-O-Liner - to verify that the frame is still straight. Also make sure that the front and rear subframes are straight, and especially check that the front strut housings are straight. Check for cracks around the front strut towers, check the motor mounts (and their mounting tabs on the front subframe), etc.

        Sorry to hear about this. Daniel.
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          Holy shit. That sounds like something that would happen to me. Sorry to hear about that! Hopefully the damage will be as advertised when the car shows up. What are the chances? Do you know what other types of cars were in transport?

          Let us know how you make out...


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            damn that sucks! Accidents happen, but make sure they pay for all damages.


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              Sorry to hear that. You should be up and running for the upcoming season. Don't rush it and make sure they fix it right.


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                That really sucks. There were a lot of suggestions I would not have thought of. Keep us updated and post up some pictures.

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                  Sorry to hear about your misfortune. I know how you feel, as my '02 M3 was damaged by the transport company I had deliver it.
                  You might want to have the driver deliver the car to the actual body shop you are going to have the repairs done at, that way you won't have to listen to them say you damaged it on the way there.
                  I have said this before, but I think it would also be a good idea for you to take very detailed pictures of your car, before he takes it off the truck ramp. Let him back it out to that point, so you have proof, that whatever damage you can see on the outside, is shown in the pics before you take possession. I was smart enough, or just dumb lucky, to have done this when my car was delivered, and had proof, that they did it, when they were trying everything they could to deny it later.
                  Just my 2c, and best of luck. Hopefully it isn't bad at all.
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                    Hey guys, thanks for your support.

                    Got the car this morning, and its a lot better than i originally had thought. What happened, was the truck driver avoided the guy who ran a red light and jumped a curb, causing the MG in front of my car to roll back and barely chip the paint on the front bumper, But also, my car rolled back into the ramp above my car causing two rather large dents in the panel that isnt part of the roof but goes over the rear window.

                    Im taking my car to a place called "Bodymotion" which specializes in porches and BMW's, i personally know the owner so i know my car will get the treatment it deserves, the insurance company assures me they will pay for all the damage, im having an entire inspection on my car though, including suspension and points where they could have tied down the car to check for stress cracks etc.

                    Other than that the car is amazing, but the shifter is a little sloppy, I already ordered some parts to fix that including UUC DSSR and im in the process of choosing which SSK to get.

                    Thanks everyone,



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                      ^^^ Awsome to hear it seems to be minimal and that they are paying up. The bastards who transported my unit (three diff companied in total) are all pointing fingers in the other direction as to whom actually damaged my front bumper during the boat / truck / train ride to me. At the end of the day I'm left with the repair bill (don't know how that works, but it is cheaper than hiring a lawyer etc etc.)

                      PS - I love my UUC SSK + DSSR. You won't be disappointed!
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                        Yeah i cant wait.




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                          Have any of you heard of any negative issues with Intercity Lines? I'm having the car I recently bought transported by them in the next week.


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                            I'd put some holy water in the coolant to wash away the bad juju.

                            Good luck with the car.


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                              Funny - I had sort of a hellish weekend myself. I actually did get my new E30 delivered on Sat by intercity transport..however, I was at VIR this past weekend for a track event (i also have an E46).

                              On monday i was rear-ended on my way home from work ($3000 est) but still trackable. Then on Fri night I hit a deer 10 mins ouside the totally wrecked my front end. After removing two broken lights and the shattered grill it was still trackable. But, Sat morning in my second session my clutch stuck to the floor and i could not get into any gear. Car had to be towed in and is still sitting a VIR waiting for a $700 flatbed trip from VIR to maryland and i had to buy a plane ticket to fly home.

                              Interecity was fantastic.

                              My weekend sucked too.
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