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    Originally posted by cecotto_singh View Post
    not sure why the carpet was wet. im thinking that one of the drains is blocked with leaves and things coz the cars been standing. the floor is wet around the pedals but the slope which leads upwards is dry. it seems like the water is coming form the floor up? got myself a car cover so i havnt been in a rush to check but its on my list of things to do in the xmas break. is there a way to approach this?
    It could be the dredded cowl rust, but could also be the HVAC box gasket (#3 in the pic) as well. I had one car that had a bad one & it leaked at this gasket. The problem is, you need to pull the consoles/ dash out to change it (not difficult to do, just labor intensive....). The good side of it is, you will be able to isolate/ tell exactly where the water is entering as it will be more viseable.

    Also, be sure to pull back the carpet to see if there are any issues going on from the water leaking down.....

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      Another precaution would be to remove the DME and open it to make sure it has no water in it.



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        Also be sure to check the heater core hoses as a possible source of the leak. I had a loose clamp at the firewall that caused coolant to drip around the pedals.