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New head back from the shop.

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  • New head back from the shop.

    Got our head back from our local machine shop, thought I'd throw some pics up for the archives.
    VAC Intake +1.5mm
    Stock exhaust
    EVO3 Springs
    Stock retainers/keepers
    Exhaust side simply cleaned up.
    Intake side gasket matched to the larger TB gaskets and ported.

    Michael | Temecula, CA | 866-397-5487

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    Nice. Is that their 285hp head (with 2.5 bottom end and Schrick cams).
    Stock valves, right?

    [email protected]

    1969 2002 racecar
    1989 M3 racecar
    e39 Touring


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      Stock exhaust valves, VAC +1.5mm intake valves.
      Not sure what you mean by "their 285hp head". Our local shop did the work here. Their first S14 head job. The bottom end is indeed a 2.5L with the standard TMS kit.
      Michael | Temecula, CA | 866-397-5487