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  • New !!

    Hi, my name is David.
    I have a M3 E30 Jhonny Cecotto version number 353 of 505. Register because I am charmed with the M3 E30 and I have a E21 316

    I wait to amuse myself in this forum and my Englishman's level is a low way and often I use a translator.

    Thank you and happy holidays.


    David Lopez !!

  • #2
    Hello David!

    Whereabouts in the world are you living?

    your Car sounds great, any pictures??

    *WTD, O/S front fender liner*


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      Welcome to the site!!


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        Hello Playo, I live in SPAIN in the Canary islands.

        In Canary there are many M3 E30, we do concentrations every year and called TeideFest. View the video in the second one 12 we see my car.


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          Welcome to the site, David. Can't wait to see pics of your car. Looks really enticing from the little sig pic you got there.

          Thanks for the video. I love the fact that you guys had the truck spraying down the whole track.
          Love this part with the car drifting around as a small plane takes off in the background.
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            YES !!! If we have a truck with water to do drift, we rent the circuit that is aeroclub.

            Then I put photos of my car.
            Thank you for the welcome friends :thank you


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              Bienvenidos, David.


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                Hi !!

                This is my E30 M3 Cecotto #353/505 with power sunroof, power windows, warning triangle, headlight washer/wipers, interior headlight adjustment, on-board computer, cassette holder

                Bilstein/AC Schnitzer suspension (-40mm), red (Sport Evolution) bumper stripes.

                I hope that you like!!!

                PD: I cannot put images from IMAGENSHACK, Because are not seen


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                  Very nice David... Welcome.

                  Schwarz 1990 Sport Evolution


                  • #10
                    Excellent Video David!

                    Your car looks great too, a little unsure about the red bumper strips on Macau?

                    *WTD, O/S front fender liner*


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                      David, Welcome to the addiction
                      Very nice Cecotto
                      1991 M3 10Km
                      1989 M3
                      BEGINS HERE


                      • #12
                        Playo, the red bumper strips is a Sport Evo. In the Cecotto Version is a color black.

                        Sporty1, send me photos your Sport Evo... I love it Sport Evo's :OMG: :OMG:

                        A friend has a Sport Evo with 60.000 kilometres ( NOT MILES ), in BrilliantRot and perfect conditions. Also has a M3 DTM Ex- Cecotto, and E36 Ex BMW Motorsport, only 50 cars in the world. Tomorrow photos
                        Last edited by ///M3_Cecotto; 12-28-2007, 06:33 AM.


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                          Beautiful car. Welcome!


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                            Welcome Bro, Nice Cecotto. That was a great vid! I love that song, but the exhaust sounds were a little better...