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FQS Question; CW v/s CCW depending on view?

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  • FQS Question; CW v/s CCW depending on view?

    Ok, ok, I know this FQS question has been beat to death, but I haven't seen a clear answer to this part of the question. I have all the settings, and want to set it to stock - 0, 0, 0 - but am unsure as to the orientation that I need to keep in mind when rotating the switch.

    As the ECU is mounted in the car, the switch faces away from you, making it very difficult to reach and adjust. With the ECU out of the car and the swtich facing you, it is of course very easy to adjust. Issue is that this reverses the "oriented" direction of the swtich.

    So, should CW/CCW be correct when the switch is facing towards you or away from you?

    Good news it that the I have removed the Miller MAF system, reversed all the wiring changes, and reinstalled the stock AFM and the Iigo 2.3 chip and the hesitation, misfire, and drivability problems are GONE! I think that the FQS is in the right place, but need to make sure.

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    with the ECU facing you, FQS position zero is all the way to the left (CCW) .

    Event when it is installed in the car, I just bend the cable and flip it so it's oriented like I would have it on a work bench. It's a lot easier to move the switch when you aren't standing on your head under the dash! :shit:

    I have found that a screwdriver set with a 3/32 hex head tip is ideal. you can also use a 2.5 mm allen but you will have to angle it just right. A 2.5 mm allen with a ball end works really well also.

    sorry to hear you had problems with the Miller setup... bad glad that the car is running properly for you now.
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