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Cooling System Renovation (Spal/Thermostat ?'s)

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  • Cooling System Renovation (Spal/Thermostat ?'s)

    Hey guys, recently I removed my aux fan and a/c. I'm planning on removing my mechanical fan as well and installing a spal unit. While I was removing my a/c, I noticed that my thermostat wasn't in the best condition and the wires to sensors in my thermostat were cut.

    Now for the spal fan, I plan on using this 16" slim one, which BeastMaster has confirmed fits in the stock shroud btw, but I'm wondering what to do about the wiring.

    I know some of you have used a wiring kit ( such as this one from fanman ), but I don't exactly understand what you are getting with that kit. Does this wiring kit replace a sensor in the thermostat?

    Lastly, if I understand correctly, the thermostat has 2 sensors. The 3 pin sensor runs the aux fan, and the 2 pin is an a/c cutoff. Do I need the 2 pin sensor still since I don't have a/c? Can I just plug it? What do most guys without a/c do about it?

    Sorry for so many questions. Just trying to learn here.

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    When I upgraded my VW to the dual 12" it was easier for me to use the SPAL Programmable Controller than to tap all over in the stock sensors.

    Let me know how it works out, I want to do this upgrade myself but the 16" fan cfm is lower than the 14" High Performance fan... I wonder if we could get the 16" HP fan to fit?