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8 lb flywheel and sachs clutch instal

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  • 8 lb flywheel and sachs clutch instal

    my clutch finally feels normal. My old clutch was very stiff, engaged high, and was slipping. The new one feels great, feel alot lighter than it did before, it actually feels like it should. As far as the flywheel, you can definately feel it...much faster acceleration. I havent driven a car with the evo flywheel, so i cant compare. About the whole noisiness...i dont hear anything extra as compared to the stock setup. I love it
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    Im assuming you got the regular sachs clutch and not the heavy duty one right. i dont see how someone can drive with the heavy duty clutch as a daily driver for these cars. i test drove an e30 m3 with one and it is extremely stiff. cant wait a lightweight flywheel later as well. Good luck with your setup!!!


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      Its the sachs sport clutch kit. I can drive this easily as a daily I said before, my old clutch was much heavier.
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      Tiff Needell


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        so what was the total cost after labor and everything unless you did it yourself?
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          I would like to know this too as I will be doing the same thing soon. If you did do it yourself, does anyone else have a labor estimate for a clutch and flywheel install?
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            No one seems to be weighing in on this, so I will give my .02.

            I did mine myself, but it is not a difficult job. I would estimate a competent shop would charge about three hours labor for a clutch/flywheel change. I think if I did it again that is about how long it would take me.



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              i think it cost rob 300 bucks, but he also haad nis tranny mounts done and a bunch of hoses and other junk, thats not including the price of the flywheel and clutch itself.
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                labor cost me 250 for clutch and flywheel install
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                Tiff Needell


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                  Is it a bitch to get the flywheel out if you are a DIYer?

                  Is compressed air necessary for flywheel removal? I know it would definitely make the job a whole lot easier. I've been going over the tranny removal procedure on my koala manual the last few nights. Seems pretty easy and straight foward to tell you truth. The biggest pain in the ass is getting the exhaust off, those nuts that hold the header flange to the center section are a bitch to get at.



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                    Most nuts are not a problem; just cut them off.


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                      Shit, a shop in Los Altos CA qouted me for 5 hours. Where are you Nor*Cal guys getting qoutes for 3 hours?


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                        I mentioned the 3 hours. No one quoted me that, that was just how long I estimated it would take me to do it the second time.

                        Even the first time, fumbling my way through it, did not take 5 hours.....And that was without air tools or a lift.

                        Do you trust the shop that gave you that quote?


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                          the hardest part about removing the tranny is getting the top left 19mm nut off. a half moon wrench works best, or a crows foot and a long extension work ok.

                          also alighning the whole setup and stabbing the imput shaft into the clucth is not a fun job when the car is 10 inches high on jack stands. I thought for sure I broke some ribs as the tranny laid on me as we tired for another go around putting her back in.

                          good luck

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                            I don't really trust them, but I don't want to do it myself.


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                              usually the reason you have a too stiff clutch is because
                              of the clutch slave cyl. on the side of bellhousing...
                              change that and its fine again. it is a night and day