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Would you buy a cheap 1/10 E30 M3 R/C car body if I have them made?

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    I just put "Tamiya M3" in Ebay and came up with this
    US M3 Medium Tank "LEE" The model kit

    The real thing:

    Just thought it was funny that a tank is named after our cars or Visa versa.

    History of the M3 tank
    Developed by engineers from the Chrysler Corporation and the Army, the M3 was the first tank built en masse by the Army. Production on the M3 began in June 1941 and continued until the tank was replaced by the M4 Sherman in mid-1942. The Lee had a crew of seven men and was armed with a 74mm cannon attached to a non-rotating turret. The Lee, although faster than most German tanks, was no match for the Germanís superior guns and armor. The inability to rotate the tankís main cannon made it vulnerable during fights, but despite this five versions of the tank were manufactured and it saw wide use by both British and U.S. forces in North America.


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      Id like to get one too.


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        I am walking around with the same idee some time.
        I have 4 of them, 2 in bad condition and 1 is only build and a NIB one.
        I think the spoiler and mirror aren't so bad to reproduce. ( still doing research).
        Remaking te decals won't be a problem.
        The only hard thing to remake will be the head lights/grill and the wheels.

        I saw on the tamiya club that someome has done the same with a porsche, it only cost 35$. So it can be very cheap.

        The M3 E30 is the most wanted tamiya rc car ever made, so if you make a repro you will be able to sell it to these guys as well.
        They al have them to show, but never drive them. (I know some who are intrested)

        If you are able to make it look amost as good as the orginale I am sure you will sell a lot of them. (so I can be done quite cheap)

        I will buy some.

        Hope this will be made.

        Rens The Dutch M3 E30 site.


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          These are the parts to be made:

          The shell:

          The spoiler:

          The mirrors:

          The grill:

          The head lichts: ( it isn't a must, but it makes the lights look real)

          The interior: (not a must)

          The wheels: (not needed, there are a lot of good other wheels, more a taste issue)

          Some examples for other wheels:

          I like these:

 The Dutch M3 E30 site.


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            I would get a couple if they are complete with wing, grill and mirrors.

            Interior is not needed.

            oh, and if its under $50



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              I just got off the line with Tamiya Customer Service and they said that I should send in a request E-mail for a reproducton request.

              Basically the guy said "The Schnitzer kit has been in high demand since they discontinued it, and I don't know why they don't re-release it"

              I mentioned an online petition, and he said the HQ in Japan may act if they saw a petition.

              So anyone know how to set up an online petition?

              If we post it and get some of the heavy hitters in the E30 M3 world to endorse and promote it, who knows? Maybe we can all get the read deal Tamiya kits.

              Heck if we word the petition right, we can get hundreds of digital signatures.


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                Sounds realy good!!

       The Dutch M3 E30 site.


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                  Where can one locate a 1/5th shell. anyone on the list selling any 1/10th shells

         10% Code: s14

         Build and Preview plates


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                      Did you ever get this off the ground? I'd be interested in one?


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                        Lexan body

                        Just did some checking on one of the websites and apparently found out that I have one of the rarer of he E30 M3 body styles according to It's the Autotech body and it was never available as a kit, and is even harder to find. Now just need to find a chassis for it.


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                          maybe could host a petition?


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                            I would be in, I have two 1/10 scale with beat up shells.

                   10% Code: s14

                   Build and Preview plates


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                              I would buy at least half a dozen. One or two for concours (static displays) and the rest to race!

                              /// M3NTAL Kev


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                                I WANT ONE