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Distributorless Ignition Parts needed?

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  • Distributorless Ignition Parts needed?

    After doing a lot of reading in the search catagory I still cannot find a list per say for the parts needed to make the change over. Has there ever been one organized? If so point me to the thread because I missed it. If note does anyone have one made that I could get a copy of, or emailed too. Thanks guys.
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    what engine management are you intending to use?

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      Megasquirt stand alone ($400 I think)
      Ford edis parts (coil pack, module, spark plug wires) these parts are dirt cheap and can be had for less than $50
      ford edis crank trigger wheel and sensor for $50

      This is not an off the shelf solution. However with a little effort, you can have a nice setup that is flexible and affordable.
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