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  • mufflers

    Hi all - any idea where we might find some really neat mufflers - I'm looking for oval or round, but different then the standard welded stainless stuff - need at least 2 inch inlets (with 2" inlets we'll use 4 mufflers, each pair side by side feeding one pipe) carbon fiber okay as well - free flow a must -

    They'll go on the end of the E30 V10 we're working on - I saw the Cain brothers in CA had some round mufflers that looked like they had billet end caps - we're looking for somtehing similar - or maybe what they useed on the McLaren F1

    attached a photo of where the air goes in!

    Thanks for any suggestions!
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    Burn's Stainless makes really nice tig welded stainless race mufflers. they would complement that setup very much. They are also in So Cal.

    Me likey the engine pic

    the magnaflow race mufflers are actually pretty nice.

    how loud do you want this setup to be?
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      Burns Stainless definatly makes some nice stuff. I have a friend that is a professional race engineer and he said they use them on thier cars. The McLaren F1 exhaust was actually made from titanium $$$$$. With titanium you need to make sure that is not exposed to the atmosphere at over 600 degrees F because it will contaminate the and weaken the metal.


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        Those Burns "mufflers" are nicely made and welded, but they are so small they are not going to do much muffling. All they would do is take a small amount of "edge" out of the sound.


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          Coast Fabrication ( )also makes some nice stuff but im not sure if they have anything with low enough db's.
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            hey guys thanks - love the burns stuff, makes sense that they don't do much sound wise - maybe I'll stuff a potato in the tailpipe -


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              I have a Euro 3.2 with dual 2.5s all the way back to a Magnaflow muffler (no resonator)...and the sound isn't that loud at all...I was very surprised at how quiet it really is.