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Anyone got a spare 10 Grand?

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  • Anyone got a spare 10 Grand?

    Hows an E46 M3 SMG engine/tranny swap sound?
    Its on ebay here:

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    I wonder what the real price of that conversion would be, i.e., custom exhaust work, custom engine mounts, MOTEC control unit, new sensors, dyno tuning, engineering, installation, and tuning???

    Any one venture to guess? I'd guess it's twice the price of that engine...

    That would be one cool ride though!

    90 Sterling 2.5L E30///M3 lifer
    97 Porsche Carrera S
    13 Audi S6
    SOLD 03 Audi RS6 daily
    GONE 88 E28///M5 project


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      Another 10 grand.



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        I bet it would cost another 15k or so for all the custom work that it would need.


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          just to spite you, it would probably do an e46m3 classic and throw a rod 1200 miles after you finished the swap. :-p

          exhausts are cheap mane i just tig weld my own shit up from the block back. bought myself a little metalworking band saw, you just get header misbends, put the car up in the air and start tacking... it takes a bit of math and some tinkering to get NA headers right though.