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Strange cold start improvement

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  • Strange cold start improvement

    Just wanted to mention a strange occurance I encountered. My car has been notoriously difficult to start (read: impossible) at temps under or near 40F. Over the summer I had to replace the reference sensor, and now that the weather has gone cold again I've noticed that I now have NO problem starting cold (rough idle as expected, but same as in fair weather). Strikes me as odd. The sensor really is the only thing that was replaced which might effect the start. The car wasn't started till July, then stored again through September, and ran for 3days, and now is going again.

    I've changed the oil, the coil, the chain tensioner, cleaned the plugs (tried to replace - long story), and changed that sensor.

    Any ideas why this would occur? Would the tensioner affect it? Or is it just a weird coincidence.