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B&M Short shift + Illuminated M Knob = BAAD buzzing. Help!

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  • B&M Short shift + Illuminated M Knob = BAAD buzzing. Help!

    In the 'honeymoon' phase: Going thro the new 91 and comparing the stack of PO receipts.

    B&M short shift kit installed, with the illuminated M knob (<6 months ago)
    Shifts great when warmed up, shift knob looks good. No probs there

    BUT Its buzzy as wank. Now my 02 is a buzzy little 4 banger - so i aint exactly mister Lexus here - but its bad

    searching the archives, i see:

    1. Reference to replace / renew the various bushings.
    Heres the rub: A brand new tranny, clutch and the B&M were installed by the local indie BMW shop last fall. So...bushings should last longer than that.

    2. Mixed reviews on the B&M soft shift kit in general.

    Any other suggestions for buzz removal? From 3.5K to 5K its really bad. Above 5K just bad.

    Ived tried:
    tape on the aluminum B&M rod - to insulate the knob on the rod
    Foam stuffed under the knob itself.

    91 E30 M3 DiamondS
    73 2002 Agave
    06 325Ci M Tech JetBlack