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New Clutchmaster/JB Racing Kit. Annoying problem...anybody else???

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  • m3pat2
    I have the JB 8lb. and stage III clutchmasters. No problems..installed it myself.

    The only noise is at a light with the clutch out. Typical ltw flywheel noise (slight knocking of tranny).

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  • New Clutchmaster/JB Racing Kit. Annoying problem...anybody else???

    So, I'm trying to finish up the turbo conversion on my S14. To handle the extra power I decided to go with one of Bimmerworld's specials, an 8 pound JB Racing flywheel and a stage IV Clutchmaster ceramic clutch (500 hp rating).

    To make a long story short, one of the best BMW mechanics in my area installed everything for me. When I took it out for the first check ride, I immediately noticed a metallic resonance at 2500 rpm, steady-state. There was no vibration, just a loud noise throughout the cabin sounding like the exhaust rubbing on the chassis. Even more prevalent was the noise while decelerating between 2500 and 3500 rpm. My car is loud already, with a 2.5 motor and a custom 3" exhaust, but this vibrating noise is twice as loud as my car normally is. A long drive with lots of time spent on the overrun would definitely require ear muffs...

    Obviously, we spent time troubleshooting, looking for interference with the exhaust and other components, but everything looked perfect and the clutch action is fine too. Bimmerworld said they have never heard of this problem and Clutchmasters first blamed it on the flywheel, saying that I should expect that going from a dual-mass flywheel to an 8-pounder (the S14 doesn't have a f***ing dual-mass flywheel). Then, I call a Clutchmasters dealer in Portland, OR. He says that Clutchmasters clutches perform really well, but he has run into resonance problems several times before. For example, the clutch for the 4-cyl SRT-4 resonates on decel bad enough that he warns potential customers before selling it to them. Inzyi on this forum also had a very similar resonance experience that was solved after replacing the clutch with a Sachs.

    Now I'm stuck yanking everything apart again to check out the clutch. Clutchmasters are willing to look at it, but with their "it's never happened before, so it can't be true now" attitude I'm afraid of getting screwed and having to pay for install a *third* time.

    Has anyone else experienced what I've described?

    Would you trust a company again that seem really unwilling to consider a potential problem with their product?

    Does anyone have a recommendation for another (500 hp) clutch that's tried-and-true on our cars?

    In Scandinavia, the Sachs 618 pressure plate and 4, 6, or 8 puck sinters seem to be the hot setup. Does anyone have any experience with these?

    Any and all feedback about how to resolve this matter is appreciated!