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    I decided that I like the look of the bumper stripes but didn't want to pay the dealer $50 for them. So I went the Home Depot route and got some red 3M tape for $3. You can't really tell from the pictures but it was put on the car very evenly and cleanly. Anyways i actually do like the way it came out....any opinions??

    Next question is...obviously my "M3' badge is out of place thanks to a repaint on the trunk. Is there a way to re-apply the same badge on the car oncle I have removed it? Or do I have to go get a new one with new adhesive? Thanks for any advice because I hate the placement of it right now.

    Thanks Magnus for helping me figure out my picture posting issues

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    Based on the pics, I'd have to say that it looks good.

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      one more


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        Good job on the stripes.

        you can remove the emblems and remove the double sided tape and then apply some more tape to it. just try to locate some black double sided foam tape.


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          cool thanks..

          I might give this a shot..


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            No problemo, you're welcome.

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              awesome diagram...that was going to be my next question


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                Looks like it came out well enough, and the contrast is a very nice touch.

                My only concern is the durability of tape like that.
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                  I also am very skeptical of the durability...but I figured I would expirement with the $3 stuff first and if i really liked the look..I would go the OEM route.


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                    3M makes some good stuff. I'd think it would look better in dark/light gray/grey.


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                      Looks great, but the color is a little off on the Sport EVO stripes, but for the $$ who cares!

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                        What kind of 3m tape should I look for? Like what section would it be under at home depot?
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                          It is "3M Scotch 35 Red Vinyl Electrical Tape" I found it right in with the rest of the electrical supplies. There was quite an assortment there. I paid $3.27. Good luck


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                            I have the $3 HomeDepot tape on my car. I put it on temporarily, just to see if I'd like the look enough to justify ~$40 for the OE strips. The HomeDepot tape looks great, so I just left it on there.

                            It's a tiny bit narrower than the factory tape but it looks good enough for me. I put it on in the spring, have washed the car countless times and it hasn't peeled or faded one bit. If my car were nicer I'd have gone with the OE strips, but my car is far from perfect anyway.

                            (FYI: It's red electrical tape, look in the electrical isle)