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  • Hello to you all,
    My name is Jason and I have had my 1989 e30 M3 since 2003 I have been reading through the threads for the last 12-18 months and have been very grateful for the knowledge and experience from the forum. I finally joined up.....


    • Hey every one, I'm Rick. I'm 33 and in the Navy. The E30 M3 has always been one of my favorite cars. I don't own one yet but I'm doing my research on this car before I pull the trigger. Have been reading for a few weeks about the car and see what can be done with it. I see motor swaps are not really welcome but accepted. Hope to be part of this great community here in the near future.


      • Hi everyone, I'm Bill and I just bought my E30 M3 about 2 weeks ago. Loving every minute of it.


        • Hello everyone.

          My name is Dani. I have a 1986 M3, for me, the best car ever made! . I hope to learn much with all of you.


          • Hi guys,

            I am from Hungary. Bought a '88 m3 e30 last summer. Car is under continuous mods, I am afraid I will never finish - suppose it is almost the same for everyone.
            I am mad about this street legal gokart, usually going to track days as well. Hope to meet some of you soon, unforunately I have no chance to visit the DTM revival in Germany.


            • Hi,

              My name is Charles. I'm the proud owner of a '87 Diamantschwarz ///M3. I'm a real E30///M3 crazy freak, involved in the community very much. I'm a 23 year-old french guy. I'll graduate this summer (law) and will move to the US for a year (New York and New Jersey City). Unfortunately, I'm not gonna be able to bring my ///M with me and gonna miss it so much... If I stay in the US, I guess I'll try to import it (but don't know very much about the legislation, administration,...).
              Anyway, I'd be glad to meet some freaks around NYC even if I won't have my ///M... to share my passion! [peace]

              Here are few pics of my ///M:


              • Hi everyone,

                I'm new to this forum but have enjoyed reading many of the threads.

                I'm looking for some help purchasing this car if you could spare a few minutes to take a look at it for me and reply inside that thread.


                Thanks in advance



                • New here as well. Like many others, I have not yet purchased an M3. I have a deal on one. We are one PPI away from picking it up next week. If I pick it up, I'll need the Fresh Fish Newbie Guide to the E30 M3.

                  I am a LONG time Bimmer owner- 2 x 2002's- a 75, and '76 (24 years). '00 E39 540 (supercharged- 10 years), a bone stock '02 E46 330 (wife's since new) and an '04 X5 daily/beater (6 years). I've also been on the boards for about 12 years, now.

                  Looking for a mature community with solid advice and as little signal to noise ratio as possible.


                  • Hi there,

                    My turn i guess!!! :peekaboo:

                    So, I'm French, living in France!! I speak english fluently, cause i studied in UK, and lived in NZ for a while!! I'm an Osteopath (Chiropractor if you prefer!).

                    I have a M3 E30, 18/01/1988, Diamant Schwartz, 136000Km. Euro Spec, 200Hp from Italia.

                    I'm the 4th owner, and she needs attention. Interior is perfect, but few things have been more or less put aside. Nothing important, but still, i do like to have a prefect car.

                    I'm planing on a full paint (stock), 16' wheels (stock with Nogaro silver center), AlphaN + Carbon Air box, Cams, 3.65 Diff, Recar SR seats (already got one [peace])

                    Here are the pics:

                    I have taken out the 2 front bar, useless and kinda dangerous if i do hit the front.

                    See you shortly!



                    • welcome everyone, this is a great forum.
                      I spend all my money on beer, cars, guitars, and women....the rest is just wasted.


                      • S14 2002 Install

                        Hi all - Yes, I have owned an E30 M3, sadly sold some years back, in fact the ownership trail reads like this..... E30 323 Road/Track car, 2002 Racer, E30 M3 road car, Datsun 1600 racer (sorry...) and another 2002 racer which is about to receive an S14 transplant. Looking for some info on header build specs for the S14... Engine is 2.5L with cams designed to give max HP (hopefully 280-290hp) at 8500rpm - built for long life rather than max HP. Besides car only weighs 865kg!
                        Look forward to your comments.
                        P.S. Bit of in car action at
                        Attached Files


                        • Welcome. 2002 and S14 are a great combo.

                          Thanks for the video too. And stop shuffling that steering wheel ;-)


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                          [email protected]

                          1969 2002 racecar
                          1989 M3 racecar
                          e39 Touring


                          • Hello from the Pacific Northwest.

                            Dustin here, and I just brought home a beautiful Diamondschwarz 90 M3 a few days ago. Picked it up off my boss along with a lot of extras.

                            Here's a couple pictures:

                            The day I brought her home, along side my other 2 rides.
                            Hosted on Fotki

                            Fixed the position of the badge
                            Hosted on Fotki

                            Stromung Muffler w/VSR exhaust
                            Hosted on Fotki

                            Rear Headrest
                            Hosted on Fotki

                            Heated seats
                            Hosted on Fotki

                            Parked in the garage
                            Hosted on Fotki
                            '87 325is Schwarz / Black - SOLD
                            '90 M3 Diamantschwarz metallic / Gray
                            '03 325i Touring Schwarz II / Tan
                            '15 Honda Odyssey Touring Elite WDP / Truffle


                            • Hello All,

                              Very happy to introduce myself!
                              I picked this DS over tan up a few months ago. 130k on the odo, purchased from the original owner.
                              Looking forward to meeting and chatting with everyone.




                              • Hi Everyone,
                                I am James. Not new to BMW ownership and over the years a couple of E28s, 4 E30s and 1 E34 have passed through my hands. Thankfully 11 years on I still own my first BMW, a 1986 320i, which is now "slightly" modified to 2.7 spec amongst other things. I also have a 318is track/race car, which is now running a 320i M20 engine with the intention of at some point entering it into PBMW race series - although currently funds are not permitting!! Daily driver is an imported E36 318is Coupe (auto....).

                                The M3 is my father's but a love of both of ours, it now resides in my garage and is starting to see more and more attention.

                                Looking forward to chatting to everyone, getting tips and help and also hopefully trying to impart some of mine along the way.
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