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  • Hey all, new member checking in. I have been an unregistered lurker for a while, but I finally bit the bullet and came over to the dark side this morning (I've been an MB guy up until now). Picked up a beautiful 1990 M3 w/ OBDI s52 swap......sorry to my purist friends, I know I may get some heat here, but I see it as saving a clean and straight chassis from a cold death in the midwest (she will be purring comfortably in socal air from now on). I look forward to meeting some of you all and enjoying this awesome car. My other car is an MB w201 with a 5.6L V8 swap, and I think they will compliment each other nicely in my garage. Coming from a C43 AMG, it is really fun to be back in a true sports car, not just an overly muscled family sedan!


    • hey ya'll my name is Joey

      im 22 from NC but go to school in brooklyn at Pratt Institute studying industrial design.. and focusing on car design... unfortunantly, as i draw and model cars each semester.. i have to deal with some serious seperation pain from leaving my m3 back in NC. i guess i could take it to brooklyn but it looks better with the wheels actually on it, and the car in one piece.

      just joined the site! i've been driving my m3 from when i first turned 16. its a 1988.. same year as me! learned how to drive stick in a 2002ti when i was 13, but learned how to really drive in this e30 m3 :gotcha:


      • New to site

        My name is David. I have purchased my 1988 M3 in December of 1988. It currently has 80,000 miles. The car has been sitting idle for about two years for various reasons.
        I just put it back on the road last week This site has already been helpfull in sorting out different issues my car had.
        Thanks for the help so far.


        • I'm Katherine. Got my '88 back in May after six months of figuring out how I was going to pay for it (luckily the seller was willing to hold it for me!). This is my second car/BMW, previously drove an e36 328i. The M ("Haans") needs paint and new wheels but I do things as I can... I was on this forum before I even had the car and it has been very very helpful!


          • I'm Dave, finally bought my first '87 M3 two weeks ago after wanting one for 15 years. I learned to drive on a E30 318iS and fell in love with these go karts. I drove the M42 for years, then a E34 540/6, two 325iX and finally the M3. I am also a motorrad nut with a k75S and a '78 R80/7. If you are ever passing south of Pittsburgh, visit me in Washington, PA!


            • Maybe a little bit late, but better late than ever...
              I was bit by the BMW cars since I do not know my age, maybe ~10 years of age. At 1990, when the Sport Evolution entered the scene, I was completely sold. I decided once to own one, or at least a standard M3 E30.
              I have almost only owned BMW.s. My first car was a 2002-75, then a 318i-83, 318-78, 323i-82, 325iM-89, 525-89, 518iS-88, 325i Coupé-95, 316i-94 and 520i-Touring. During the university time I owned a Fiat 127 Special, a very ugly but very special car ...
              Feb. 2002 I bought my first M3, a 215PS late model (03/90), in best condition (see photo). Finally it was a little bit converted to a Sport Evolution. Today it lives its life in Finland. It was hard to sell it but I was ready for something "bigger"...
              Early this year, after years of searching, I found the car I have been looking for quite a long time, a black Sport Evolution in very good condition, see link here:
              So, at last I am "home" :blues:
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              M3 E30, the real one...
              Sport Evolution, the ultimate one!


              • Hey guyz, I've been into cars and bikes my whole life. After buying a small business I ended up selling my toys off to better things there. Well enough is enough! I've been w/o a car for 4yrz! A few weeks ago I started looking at cars again. Knowing I was on a budget (first time ever), I though I'd buy a roller and slowly build it up. After several sleepless nights I found a car. I'm the proud owner of a high milage 1990 AW with low compression! The car came with tons of extras. I can't believe a car with 220,000 miles on her could be in such good condition! I'll post pics and progress as it developes. This is a kick ass site!!


                • hello

                  i'm a new member to the site. i own a 88 m3 bone stock.i try to keep it that way. i do most of the maintenance on my car as much as possible. with the help of this site, i've been able to work on my car with ease. thank you all.


                  • Hi, new e30 m3 owner, a '90 DS w/ black interior. Purchased from another forum member over the weekend and absolutely love the car!

                    It's my first e30 m3, and i currently also own a '92 s52 swapped e36. World of difference on power - albeit that the e30 is stock, while the e36 is pretty modded.

                    Have all ways been a fan of bimmers, and this is car i've wanted to own for a long time. Finally was in a position to pick one up, and the right deal came along at the right time.

                    Look forward to tastefully modding the e30, and hoping to keep it just as a weekend cruiser. Pics to come as the project progresses, she's pretty stock at the moment.

                    speed safely all ;-)
                    One letter. One number. One legend ///M3.


                    • New guy

                      Hey there. Chris - I have an 85 M635CSi - great car - great shape. I do all of my own work and wanted an e30 M3. I found a heck of a deal on Ebay! TX car - track car - gutted with cage. Exactly what I wanted one for. It would have been really hard to gut one if I bought it in stock condition but since somebody else already did it for me it was an easy thing to buy. Anyway I am scheduled to get it this Saturday. Too bad it's just in time for a winter rest.

                      85 M635
                      89 M3
                      97 328i - daily driver with 200k
                      83 533 - RIP thanks to the F150 (died at 260k)
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                      • Hello, Names James and I don't have a genuine M3 yet but I do have a e30 320i. Generally speaking it has the M3 guard conversion with a Euro S50B32 under the hood and a 5 stud conversion. It is a full time track car.

                        Only Genuine M3 part on it are the front guards.

                        heres a recent pic...


                        • Hello,

                          My name is Jérôme, comming from France.
                          I've bought this year my M3 after 3 years with a 325i e30.
                          The car is in good conditions but some work is planned on the châssis (silentblocs) and the engine because a little lack of power (I think so).
                          I'll post my works and remarks very soon. Thank you all !!


                          • Hi Everyone

                            My name is Jonathan and I am based in the UK.

                            I am lucky enough to own two M3’s a Jan 87 car, one of the first 500 cars I believe with 53k and an 88 EVO 2 with 32k on the clock.


                            I have owned the cars for a few years now, and love driving them as much when I first bought them.

                            My interest in all things led me to forming Classic Heroes in the UK. We have lots of great cars, and I try and keep the site fresh with lots of interesting bits and pieces, videos and ideas, have a look sometime.

                            We’ve just returned from a weekend at the Nurburgring where I drove this lovely 90 group N M3. Just fabulous.

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                            • Hello all. Thought i would introduce myself now i have registered.

                              My names Matt, i live in the UK, but after searching around found this forum, have read some of the project blogs and stuff and love some of the cars being built!

                              I do not own, and have never owned a BMW of any sort but after just selling my Clio 197 (2.0l 197bhp renault clio hatchback) i started thinking about buying a car to make into a track day toy. Wanted something that would handle well and be fun to work on.

                              Came across the idea of an E30 M3 and started nosing around, hence finding the forum. As yet i know very little about them, so have lots more reading to do, but i like the look of the car and love what some people have done in terms of engine transplants etc.

                              So for now i will be browsing and asking stupid questions, but one day may own one! They seem quite expensive over here at the moment, at least for top quality ones. As it will be a project i may look in europe for a slightly tatty one and start on that.

                              Anyway, hello!


                              • Hi My name is John and I'm new to this form but have been a fan of the site for several years. I have 2 E30M3 a Black one that I've converted to RHD so I can use it on Australian roads when I want , and the other a White with Black leather interior as a collectors item and occassional track day to keep it running. I also have an E46M3 that gets very little use and an occasional track day-nothing to serious, thats what the E30M3 was meant for. Look forward to discussing our passion with all members. Cheers