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  • New to M3s, but not BMWs

    Hi all, been hanging around for about a month now, doing lots of research for my newly acquired M3. Not new to BMWs, bought my ’02 about 11 years ago, and have it pretty much where I want it. Got the iX almost 6 years ago, and it has, and will remain almost completely stock.

    Wasn’t really planning on adding an M3 to the stable, but came across a real good deal, and now all I have to do is put it back together! Immediate plan is to get it back on the road for spring here in Alberta, and for now, in stock condition. Once it is all back together and sorted out, then we will see what the future holds for it.

    I am going to refinish the stock basket weaves, but will probably be looking for some Style 5s, and possibly new paint (will have to see how it cleans up), in the next little while.

    Here are a few pics of the M3 coming home, as well as my ’02 and iX. Also added a pic of my son’s e30! So, as you can see, we are no strangers to BMWs.

    I am sure I will be able to find everything I need here to get the M3 back in shape!

    Hmmm, Official BMW E30 M3 25TH Anniversary: 7 and half months, and about 3,800 kms away. Would be a crazy idea, but a nice way to christen the new car!


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    1973 - 2002
    1988 - iX
    1988 - M3


    • congratulations. looks like she's in good hands. the only rule you need to follow... never sell an e30 m3. have fun.
      the winningest racecar ever.


      • Welcome! Nice collection you have there. I especially like the ix as I'd love to find a really nice 5 speed to use as a daily driver.


        • I thought I had posted in this thread a long time ago, but for whatever reason I haven't. I've lurked on this board for many, many years. Finally, in December 2009, the opportunity presented itself and I bought a 150k mile Hennarot M3. The car is basically stock with the exception of a euro dogleg, euro diff, finned diff cover, M5 wheels, and EVO flywheel. Soon after buying the car I bought some EVO seatbelts and other interior parts from Don McAdams (still haven't come in...argh). I also bought an EVO steering wheel, shift knob, hand brake from the guy I bought my car from (javadog). After about 2 months of owning the car, javadog sent me an email to see if I was interested in leather door panels and center console from a euro M3 cab that he had on his 325. Sure enough, I bought them.

          My intention has been to try to leave this car as stock as possible, but it just isn't working. I've recently purchased 17" BBS RK's from Luke! and some other items from various forum members. This forum is really great and I'm proud to be a member here and on the SIG. Next step will likely be some suspension work and hoping to do a VAC motor in the future.

          Past BMW's
          1991 525i
          1997 M3 sedan
          1998 M3 sedan
          2003 M3 SMG
          2007 X3 (current)
          2008 135i (current) - M3/AST suspension
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          • Congrats on the henna. The only color on the only car.
            the winningest racecar ever.


            • hello ,here is my M3,I am new here .....from the canary islands,spain


              • Hi Guys,

                Justs a quiick introduction, my names Richard, I've raced E30's for a few years in the production BMW and TTRS series in the UK.

                I currently own a 320is that is being rebuilt as a race car and should be complete soon-ish.
                I also own a 1987 E30 M3 thats is pretty stock.

                Look forward to contributing more later.




                • Hello,

                  I am french, i am living in Morocco. I bought an M3 last year in Morocco.

                  Restauration is in progress and i ever past on "project car's" section.


                  • Hello! I recently signed up with the forum because I'm just about to buy my first E30 M3! "CAN'T WAIT!" I'm on but this is the real deal as far as E30 M3 forums go.

                    A little about the car I'm going to get in the next week. $11,000, it was a salvage title (I know, I know) but the frame is straight as an arrow and it drives perfect. A/C blows very cold. Almost everything that bolts up to the motor has been replaced with in the last 20,000 miles along with all things related to the steering. It has about 185,000 on the clock two small rust spots. I'm getting J-stock springs put on. It has a dinan rear sway bar. 18 in LM reps. Compression: 205, 195, 195, 190!:blues:
                    I've had two E30's back in the day and I miss them almost everyday. My second one was the best. A 325e (2.7L) 4 door blk/tan I got for $900. I did some work to this one. Replaced the auto trans with a manual. 4.10 diff, 325i port and polished head, skimmed the deck .010 (I think that's the number), port matched 325i intake and ceramic coated exhaust manifold, 325i fuel pressure regulator and ECU, Mercedes E300 fuel pump, Mustang 5.0 injectors, 535i AFM with 325i guts in it, Supersprint cat-back, I had the cats cut out, heat wrapped front 1/3 of exhaust, custom 3in cold air intake powder coated red. SSK, J-stock springs, bilstien shocks, adjustable sway bars, front and rear strut tower braces. Eclipse speakers, alpine deck, 12in sub with alpine amp. 325i gauge cluster. 17in 5 spoke rims. New windshield with new chrome window strip. I also had the rear window strip replaced with new chrome. I miss it a lot. RIP:shit:

                    Thank you all in advance for the help.


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                    • Hello!!

                      New here!! Just wanted to say hi!! Can't wait to gather rediculous amounts of information about my favorite M3 Ever!!!! I currently own a 97 M3/4 Dinan SC and a 98 M3/4 AA Stage 2 on the list is an E30 M3. Take Care and to the moderators, Great Site!! I'm glad to be a member finally!


                      • Hello everyone my name is Newman and I am from Hong Kong. I have an M3 but it does not have an S14 in it... Yet.... I've been a huge fan of the E30 for years. Recently I've seen a number running around in Hong Kong so my interest is up and I hope to turn to you guys for guidance in finding a good one.


                        • Hello all,
                          I 'm relatively new to E30's, although I have an E34 M5. I am love my M5, but am beginning to toy with the idea of selling her in order to join you crazies.
                          I just wanted to say hi to you all and I look forward to meeting some of you sometime later. I'm in the upstate of SC, about 10 miles from the BMW plant.
                          Greetings to you all,
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                          • Hey Magofo I'm new too but I've also owned a E34 in the past - really - really - really great car to drive and drift (before the word was invented:-)) I'm also trying to get into the E30 M3 club. Lets try to do it this year man. Good luck on your hunt.


                            • Hello

                              im from Norway, and currently waiting to buy my first E30 M3 (it´s ready for delivery to me the 1st of May after it has been Sand blasted and Painted Diamondschwarzz) Plans for the car is 300 FWHP, 2.5 =)

                              my age is 19.

                              some history for my early years, when i was 16 years old i bought my self an 540 E34 Race tuned N/A for about 400 HP 6 speed, so im not so new to BMW,

                              Best Regards


                              • Welcome Kristoffer post some photo's when you get your M3 home.