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Welcome to the site! Please introduce yourself / Greet our new members.

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  • Welcome everyone!!!!

    Congrats on your respective new-to-you cars...It's a great feeling.

    Ouch on that Alfa! of luck with that.
    I spend all my money on beer, cars, guitars, and women....the rest is just wasted.


    • Originally posted by ZinnoE30M3 View Post
      Hey im a new member just saying hi ! My name is Alex. I am a big BMW enthusiast, did lots of reading on the forum, now that i just bought a 1988 E30 M3 decided to join!
      Congratulations. I promised my wife when we got married in 1989, that an e30m3 is the only car that I would ever drive. Well, we still have every one we ever bought, praise the Lord, and I have kept my promise to her. So, let me tell you, the love affair you have just started will go on and on and you will have the time of your life. You have just bought the only car ever made. Enjoy. Be safe. Never sell.
      the winningest racecar ever.


      • Found my M3 in a shed out in the country. Month of shop work later it's up and running (although I think I shredded the fuel pump on a run last night).

        Portland, OR - fun times!


        • Hey all, I just joined the club last Friday when I picked up my '88 Lachssilber M3. I've been doing some research on the site as I hope to rebuild the shifter assembly with new bushings to get rid of the slop.

          WestCoast, I'm working in Vancouver right now. We should go on a drive sometime!


          • Hi All,

            I don't actually own an E30 M3 yet, but am finally in a financial position to start looking for one soon!

            My last M was an E46 CSL, which I unfortunately had to get rid of a couple of years ago due to family commitments.:wahwah:

            I can't wait to own an E30 M3 (my favourite M of all time)!

            Nice to meet you all.




            • welcome everyone!!
              I spend all my money on beer, cars, guitars, and women....the rest is just wasted.


              • Originally posted by ///dakarkyle View Post
                Ive been a member for awhile now, but officially became a real s14 member last week when I picked up my little white/black E3o M3 ! Ive always loved and owned BMW's. on my 9th.

                Recently got hired to work on BMW's at a small shop. been married 5 years (Joyce) with a 3 month old (Gordon). we haul little Gordon in the E34 M5 !!!
                and here are some pics


                • Hello everyone..

                  hi guys,
                  i am in bangkok, thailand. mycar still in the custom quarantined,due to the import rules(very stupid)
                  anyway, i hope i could bring my m3 back home by next month.

                  pls pray for me.
                  Have a good time..
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                  • Hi Guys,

                    Welcome to the forum and buy the way nice cars,

                    E30 M3 1987
                    Mini Clubman GT
                    BMW E36 323 Msport
                    Toyota Corona
                    KTM 200EXC
                    Honda CB50 (1979)


                    • well, i guess i might be a little premature since i haven't paid for the car yet, but i'm buying it from a friend, so i SHOULD be safe. knock on....everything! offer was accepted yesterday, deal closing on monday

                      i wasn't really planning on buying a track car yet, let alone an e30, but it all came down to timing. i drive a 135 and started doing track late in 09. got hooked BAD and have been toying with the whole track car idea, but that was about it. when i saw this car was up for sale, and knew who was selling it, i jumped on it. wicked excited to get her out for a DE or 2 before the season ends! as if winter wasn't long enough...

                      she's a 1988 with 147k miles. just had the J-stock conversion done 1k miles ago: full cage, 6 points, seats, TMS J-stock suspension (bilsteins), TMS reinforcement kit plus a few points, new clutch and bottom end gaskets. but a basically stock engine. 15x7 BBS RKs too

                      yeah yeah i or it didn't happen

                      edit: oh yeah, the name's mike. i live just outside of boston. i like long walks on the beach. and cars
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                      - mike

                      1988 M3 -- track/AX car
                      2008 135i -- former dual purpose street/track car, now a daily driver only


                      • Ok.. First post here.. How do you start.. Lets try: "Hi there, I'm Fredrik, from Malmö in Sweden!"

                        Just done my first season with my rather trackday-oriented M3 E30 from 1988:
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                        • Introducing myself

                          Good evening everyone, my name is Joao (John), i´m portuguese moved over to Saskatoon Canada 8 months ago, i´m a lover of M3 E30 and expecting to buy my 1st one shrtly, my father some years ago had one of those and a 635CSI, the 635 i had the pleasure to drive it but not the E30 it was hidden from my mother, she couldn´t handle another car in the garage, my father was a classic car collector, but anyway, i hope to help in everything i can but probably i will need more help from you than you from me, soory for my bad english


                          • hi everyone...

                            i'm from Paraguay... first post here. I own a 92' 325ic and now i decided to get a M3. I've just bought one that'll be a project for me, because it needs a lot of work apparently (car didn't arrive yet).

                            This is my ride...


                            • Hi I am Shahan, and I have just received my 1987 m3. Needs some work, but in good running condition. Will post pics later today


                              • Hello From Australia

                                Hello S14 Community. I've been a lurker on this site for a couple of months now but I feel it's the time to start contributing.
                                I am the proud new owner of a Japanese Euro Spec, 1988 Diamondschwatz totally original and totally awesome car. It is in exactly the untouched condition as one would expect for a well cared for and well serviced (but not loved) 23 year old car.
                                Very soon I'll start a thread in the project cars area detailing all details of a LHD to RHD conversion because information like this is really scarce here and on the net. I know some of the die hards here will cringe at the thought of a RHD conversion, but I just cant wait seven years to drive a LHD car here in NSW Australia. Cheers from Sunny Australia.
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