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  • Originally posted by M318iS View Post
    Newbie here...but actually located on an island in the Florida Keys chain of islands—three hours' drive from Miami.

    It wasn't easy to register with my particular model, but after the year 2001, I do have an s14 under the hood! You can probably guess what firm in North Carolina put it all together. :p:

    was this the Q3 that was up for sale a couple of weeks ago in CL? its a nice car and a steal for the asking price


    • Wassup guys, been checking out this site for a long time now but just recently became a member. Pretty new to M3's but definitely not to e30's. :ha:


      • Hey

        This last Monday my dream of owning an e30 M3 became a reality. I have been looking for almost 2 years, and finally I was able to get everything lined up. I live in Truckee, Ca (Lake Tahoe area for ref) which pretty much guaranteed a difficult time finding a car near my home. I missed several cars due to distance and schedules. I am absolutely in love with this car so far. I have owned over 40 cars (mostly Subarus, 3 STi's, 1 WRX, 2 swapped GC's, 2 RS's, and currently and outback) and this one by far has the most personality. I find myself staring all the time...

        1989 diamond schwartz / black M3
        Intrax lowering springs
        bilstein shocks (still unsure if HD or sport)
        ireland engineering adjustable sways and mounting hardware (havent put a caliper on them but they look huge)
        Poly suspension bushing all over
        chipped (unknown who's for now)
        K&N style cone filter
        Power steering delete
        A/C currently unhooked
        Z3 shifter
        new tranny/diff bushings
        all new hoses
        interior was re-upolstered recently
        respray done by POx2. ok job, could be way better
        spoiler has cracks on the top
        everything works. all electrical works great, windows are fast up and down (same as sunroof)
        motor is very strong. the strongest i have been in when it comes to e30 M3's
        aluminum front control arms

        I am probably forgetting something. I was surprised at how clean the car was for the asking price.

        Super glad to be a part of this community. I have learned quite a bit from this site. So thanks for the help in advance!!

        Mods to come quickly;

        17x8.5 apex wheels
        evo rear wing
        roll bar
        front diffuser

        not so quickly mods

        s50/54 swap (keeping s14)
        GC coilovers (massive GC fan and they are only an hour away)
        complete respray
        bbs RS wheels
        brake upgrades
        carbon hood

        and here she is....Cheers!!

        Click image for larger version

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        • Hi all,

          Purchased my E30 M3 a week ago. A US spec car with 112k miles on the clock. I have two other BMW cars. This will be a nice piece in my collection. Actually I'm not planning it to be a garage queen. I will drive it primarily for street and track.
          I'm sure I'll be an active user here. So see you soon.


          '11 BMW 116i
          '05 BMW M5
          '00 BMW Z8
          '90 BMW M3


          • Hi,

            I came across this site on a 2002 forum that I frequent and joined so I could gain some knowledge about the s14 motors; I've got a 1969 1600 Cabriolet with an s14 swap (among other things). My dad purchased the car back in 1972 and it's been in the family ever since. He's forgotten more than I'll ever know about the car, so I figured I should jump in and find out as much as I can in order to keep it running happily.


            • Proud Owner of a '88 E30 M3 with 74k miles. Can't wait to go pick up the car tomorrow morning.

              1988 BMW M3
              2004 Porsche GT3
              2011 BMW M3 (Convertible)


              • Hafa Adai from guam! Picked up an 88 M3. I was very shocked to see this car here on island and got it for a steal($4000). This is my first E30, let alone it being an M3. Needs some work(this island is brutal on cars)but definitely looking forward sharing some pictures in the near future.
                Also, it didn't come with a sunroof and i noticed everybody mostly have sunroofs, is it rare not having a sunroof? I'm very new to BMW's but not to cars so any advice is much appreciated!
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                • Hi,

                  I bought member Hank Cohn's car. I have been reading archives for a couple weeks now. This site is a wealth of knowledge. Thanks to the host and contributers!


                  • Thought I would introduce myself, since I've been lurking for a few months.
                    I was able to buy an '88 DS M3 while I was working down in Arizona. It sat in the scorching sun for a few years and last winter I finally made up my mind and bought it for 5k. I towed it back home and has been a garage queen for the last few months next to the e39 M5:

                    So far it has:
                    New Turner Cat. Converter
                    New Rogue Diablo exhaust
                    New CSB
                    New shifter bushings
                    New coolant hoses and thermostat
                    New fuel lines, filter and pump
                    Changed engine, tranny and diff fluids
                    Bunch of new sensors and relays

                    It still needs lots of love, but hope it will end up looking nice.
                    Next up will be a new dash, re-dyed interior in black (door cards and seats), figure out the electrical bugs with the AC and windows and ultimately re-spray.
                    After that I should be able to register it and have some fun with it.
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                    • welcome everyone! I rarely notice a new post because of the placement of the thread.

                      Oldsko3er - nice pick up! 5k is a great price to start at. Great pics, the car looks aggressive! Good luck!



                      • Hi. I m bobb. from sydney. my car is in Bangkok, thailand.
                        my previous black one used to registered in this web with you.. is cheaten by customs in thailand... they got my car on auction.. sadly need to let her gone.. i brived them large amount of money, but finally, i lost.. some day i would buy her back. by the way.
                        I come back with my new one.. nov 1986 Euro spec Vin no. WBSAK010800842879 Silver with 8,xxx kms on clock.. this time i have a big help from my help me imported from japan.and now.
                        i need to let her be my garage queen for a few years... lost all saving with her...
                        magnus..hope u enable me for upload..purpose.
                        thank you

                        Originally posted by Magnus View Post
                        If you're new to the forum, or you don't usually participate --then please introduce yourself!


                        • I am a new owner of a 88 M3. This car seems to have been tossed around for a while... It has a 98 s50B32 and a euro 6speed with a ton of rust.

                          This car needs pretty much everything except for a new Dashboard... I think that's the only good part of the car. I've restored triumphs, rebuilt a m5 and done a partial restore on an e36 M3. I do DE's in the e36 and my 2002 C2.

                          That's about it. I have a huge project on my hands and glad to have this forum as a plethora of information.


                          • ///M3 E30 Warsteiner

                            Hi all.[peace] I am from Russia Moscow. Engaged High-end Hi-Fi, and like sports cars with soul.
                            I do not like new auto Yet I love old mercedes :rolleyes:
                            is not my first ///MPower car: two E36, one 46, and now :drums: E30 Warsteiner. lightweight, but not very fast by today's standards.

                            ...plans, setting the full frame, brakes, new low suspension, wheels, and adding a herd of horses, probably a new motor.
                            Attached Files
                            1989 ///M3 E30 Warsteiner Alpine White
                            Speed Limits Are For PussiesİTHE POWER IS NOTHING WITHOUT CONTROL


                            • Hello Guys,

                              All around noob to BMWs, M3s, and E30s. However, ever since I was a young lad, this was the car of my dreams. I can finally fiscally afford this car so I have been on the hunt for a the right car. I've had a great deal fall through, but I am constantly keeping my eye out.

                              I want to get a car that is as close to stock (who doesn't !). and my plan right now is to keep the car looking stock +. I would probably throw on some different wheels (depending what they come with) and future plans involve building the motor to a 2.5L. But let me not get to far ahead of myself.
                              I have YET to even drive a E30 (any volunteers around Philly?!?! :peekaboo. But this is a car that I have pined for, and will respect for my whole life.

                              I was at Bimmerfest in MD a few months back and learned some good things, as well as saw some gorgeous Bimmers there.

                              I currently drive a '11 STi sedan and have a '72 MG B roadster.

                              I will continue to hunt for the right buy, and will be researching a lot on these forums to better understand these cars.

                              Look forward to joining the community.




                              • chris- where about philly are you? my car is no sti but you can drive her if you want