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  • Hi there
    name is Kyle,,, i like BMWs . alot. maby too much. I have had 8 or so of them... order of expirence : (dads cars E30 318i, E30 325e,) E36 325is, E36 M3 coupe, then a 4 door M3, E28 M5, E46 325i, and soon to be E30 M3... finally best for last. guess you could say i have Bimmer A.D.D. look forward to meeting and learning from the experts.
    Live in Utah and hope there are some other e30 m3s in Utah i can meet with. btw my dakar e36 M is up for sale
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    • New member

      I just bought an m3 and looking for a good mechanic in san fernando valey area.
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      • Greetings, I've been lurking around here for a couple months sense my recent obsession started with the beautiful e30 m3. Great site, with gobs of info! I'm looking to do a ground up build and hoping to come across a nice chassis to start with rather than tearing apart a complete specimen.
        I've owned a couple BMW's as well as some other vehicles, I've just gotten tired of each vehicle I buy being heavier and more complicated, I want to get a true drivers car, lightweight and fun! the e30 m3 seems to meet those criteria perfectly plus is pure sex to look at!
        I will post a WTB thread but I though I would give my reason for being here in my introduction.
        Anyway, thanks again for operating a great site, I look forward to becoming part of this community in the future.


        • Hi there. I missed this thread and went straight into 'browsing'.. ops! I own a '89, 320i euro spec e30. Colour used to be zinnobar red until 2 years ago. Loved the design of the e30 ever since a kid. Especially the thought gone into the design of the first ever drivier 'oriented' dash. Ave been checkin out around different threads and this seems to be one of the most 'happening'(our malaysian slang for interesting) forum. Have heard much about the M3 but yet to experience being in one. Recently, stumbled upon the 320is! The prospect of owning and running it as a daily driver seems to be very much viable then a M3 in Malaysia, simply because the tax on engine displacement is very expensive for anything above 2.0 ltrs. Lookin fwd to learn more about thee wonderful machines.
          Regards. Daniel
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          • Hi, new to the site. Been coming to for years, but only just registered now, as I am now ready to seriously look at purchasing an e30 m3.

            I think this is the best online resource for these cars and look forward to learning more about them and meeting owners around the world.



            • Hello All,

              I have been lurking your site for quite some time and have learned many things here about the E30/M3.

              I am currently in Iraq and I am planning on pulling the trigger on the purchase of a M3 as soon as I get back State Side (pending a succsessful search). I have been facinated with this car through the years; I wanted one very badly when they first came out, but being in the military and my salary at that time were not "compatible".

              I will be looking to board members for advice and hope some day to be able to provide some.



              • New member

                Hello from Barcelona-Spain. Im the new owner, since September 08 of a 1990 M3 cabrio. as soon as I have pics I will post them.


                • Hi all,
                  Im Johnny from Ireland,Im a mechanic by trade and i purchased an 86 m3 just before christmas,I love the site it's top class.


                  • Welcome to all the recent members!
                    Thanks for joining this group of addicts!
                    Chris L.

                    Spray paint and tire shine doesn't equate to a "restoration!"


                    • Originally posted by vag69 View Post
                      Hello from Barcelona-Spain. Im the new owner, since September 08 of a 1990 M3 cabrio. as soon as I have pics I will post them.
                      post some pics !


                      • m3 cabrio

                        I will as soon as I can. The car isnt ready yet but it wil be in a couple of weeks.


                        • Pic

                          Pic of My M3 and Gti
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                          • Hi this is my E30 M3

                            Hi, I am a new member and live in New Zealand and have recently purchased a 1987 euro spec E30 M3 which will be my classic car. our other cars are a E36 323 msport, toyota corona and 1980 GT mini. The E30 was imported to NZ last year from Japan where it was sold new and I am in thee process of trying to contact the owner in Japan for history on the car. The next job on the M3 is to remove the front sub frame to repair the crack around the r/f engine mount platform, probley the best memory of the M3 is when the Schnitzer team was racing them in Wellington street race.
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                            E30 M3 1987
                            Mini Clubman GT
                            BMW E36 323 Msport
                            Toyota Corona
                            KTM 200EXC
                            Honda CB50 (1979)


                            • Hey All,

                              Been lurking for years . I'm on my 5th BMW which is a 91 M5. Previous models were a few 2002's ( 71+72 ), a rare 1602 , and a 76 530.

                              I joined mainly because I've decided that the e30 M3 is going to be my M5's stable mate and this forum has always impressed me in terms of hard core afficionado's.



                              1991 e34 M5 / Glanschwartz on Dove / 11-91 BD/TMS Conforti chip / / M System II Throwing Stars 17x8's/ Track&Show wheels= 18x8.5 & 18x10 SSR Comp Type C's /245-275 35 18's Dunlop Sp01's/ 263 whp -345bhp @ Pruven Performance Dyno/ Eibach-Bilstein suspension/

                              2000 Saab 9-5 Aero / DD / Nordic Tune/ 18in BBS CH's /

                              Planned aquisition : 88-89 e30 M3 hopefully a Lachsilber


                              • Nice M5! Welcome to the site.