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  • Lots of work ahead

    Hi everyone; I am new to the e30 M3 world aside from all of the searching I have been doing on this site. I am not new to BMW but the e30 M3 is a savage creature. I picked this M3 up on ebay. The past owner bought it a few years ago and apparently had the engine rebuilt as well as a few other small upgrades and suspension mods. The killer is that he never kept any of his reciepts and or purchase agreements. This car came with no paperwork or history whatsoever.

    I probably should'nt have bought the car but the claimed rebuild and test drive sold me at 5700 dollars. I am now in the process of ripping the car apart down to the bones. :argh:

    The one question that I had was to see if anyone could tell me if the cams that I have in the engine are stock or not or if there is an easy way to tell without removing them? The original owner told me that he had replaced the cams with aftermarket cams during the rebuild, Shrick? Whos to know without any documentation.
    Click image for larger version

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    Click image for larger version

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    This site, and from what i have seen, the people on this site are awsome. Thanks in advance for any information.

    89 Alpineweiss II M3

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    Sorry I can't help on the cams, but $5700 sounds like a great buy! Congrats and welcome to the site!


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      Welcome aboard and congrats on your purchase.

      With regard to the cams. Having a pic of the cams with the engine at TDC would help. But guessing based on the supplied pic, the exhaust cam looks like a BMW cam - either stock or one of the Evo variants. The intake cam does not look like an OEM BMW cam, neither does it look like a Schrick cam. The lobes do look over sized, but not hugely. You could remove the intake cam cover (on the front of the cam box) and look at the cam flange - some manufactures engrave info there. Again, just a guess based on the one pic....

      Good luck with the project.



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        No worries, thanks Dominic. Your guess sounds right Dietrich. The original owner didnt pay too much attention to this car and probably just said something about the cams for the sale. I will remove the cam cover and get a look at that flange.
        89 Alpineweiss II M3