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Is this a good price???

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  • Is this a good price???

    Found a M3 in my neighborhood for sale price seems a little bit high but i figured i would run it by you guys , White 89 M3 , 91k , interior is in very good condition for its age , the exterior was too dirty for me to tell if there was any paint work but the owner says to his knowledge there is not paint or body work but the rear buper looks as if it wasnt attached to the clip on the side of the car so it stuck out a bit . It has the evo front lip ,h&r springs, jim c chip , dinan short shifter , turner oil pan baffle, borla exhaust , stock rims with about 60 percent tread left and a set of m5 throwing star wheels with 90 percent left and recently has had the e36 chain tensioner upgrade. He is asking 14k or 13.5k without the throwing stars. Let me know what you guys think??
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    $13.5 k Sounds pretty good to me. Why don't you take it over to Don Fields for a pre-purchase inspection, or at least someone in the area that can technically evaluate it.
    A few guys here in the NYC area know of a couple people.

    Disclaimer: Remember, I know absolutely nothing, but it doesn't prevent me from having an opinion or suggestion. :


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      I was supposed to go see it with my mechanic this weekend but he caught that flu bug thats going around , so im going to bring him to see it next sat , hefrom what i described to him about the car he says not to pay more then 12.5.


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        It's all up to how the inspection goes. By what you are describing, it sounds like the guy knows something about what the car is meant for. Let the seller take the price up to whatever he wants, then start subtracting for each imperfection. Then offer him what you think is fair. I'm sure if you have the cash he will be willing to work with you.
        I have seen M3's sold with 50k miles for $11k, and I have seen the same mileage sold for $17...

        Good Luck!

        Disclaimer: Remember, I know absolutely nothing, but it doesn't prevent me from having an opinion or suggestion. :


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          Price doesnt matter

          Well it does for the buyer...but no one can tell you if a car is overpriced or not....unless its REALLY overpriced...

          I think that price is VERY reasonable...A car is worth as much as someone will pay for it...until then its worth what the owner is asking

          My 88 with 120k miles....when im done with all the work i have planned...i wouldnt sell for less than 15k...many people will call that overpriced...but f-them...its my car...

          To sounds great to buy it if it checks out ok...if you can...have your mechanic do a compression and leakdown test on each cylinder...