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Puller electric fan install Questions.

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  • Puller electric fan install Questions.

    A scenario I need feedback on from the collective. I found all the info on which fans are the best, possible wiring solutions and how to do the install by using search (Who'd a thunk it)

    My question is more about real world, ass in the seat experiences which are in short supply on the other threads.

    I love A/C, I will always have ice cold A/C in my cars and that's just the way I am so I have a couple questions.

    Think August, on the way home from an event or something. It's hot humid weather with the sun pounding down and no wind. Like Africa hot but in the city.

    Now add to that holiday traffic, like creeping along for an hour in this swampy mess.

    The part I need an answer to is this.
    Will a Spal 16" puller with the stock pusher fans be enough to run my AC full blast on recirculate without a problem? I need A/C like fish need water and hate it when it doesn't work or I have to shut it due to heat soak.

    Sometimes I like to laugh and point at my friends in E30M3s with A/C delete in traffic. I pretend to shiver and rub my arms on the way home from events in the summer while they suffer with back sweat drippin' down to their swampasses while riding with the windows down.
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    I can't say for the s14 in particular, but all of my m50's w/ AC have done well with electric only fans in the hot summer temps in the south. None of them have over-heated or had cooling issues. Even in long rush hour bumper to bumper commutes in my area.
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      Did you ever end up putting the electric fan in you car? If so what was your ass in the seat experience? I’m looking to do the same thing but don’t want to give up the “ice cream truck’ feel in my car when I’m stuck in traffic.

      Originally posted by drinaldis
      I dated a girl who used to do the reverse grind. I kinda liked it.


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        MAKE SURE you get a puller fan and not using a pushing fan in reverse. Nonetheless I wired mine up to a temperature switch.
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          I have the exact set up you speak of. today my temp got to 3/4 in stop & go traffic with the AC on. The OBC temp reading was 106. once I hit the highway, it went back to a normal 4/10ths with an outside temp of 93.
          ( PS. I have converted the system to 134a)


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            I am having cooling issues with the standard spal fan available.

            When I have the A/C on my guage goes clear up to 3/4 in traffic. It is also about 115 here so that doesn't help. My 2.5 generates a lot of heat but I think I am going to get a "super spal" fan.

            To keep my engine cool currently, I have radiator sprayers that spray water via the windshield washer pump and tank. works Great!

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