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Is there anyone in Indy that could help me out?

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  • Is there anyone in Indy that could help me out?

    I am looking at an 88 M3 in Indianapolis and planned on doing a compression test before purchasing it. Through some searching I have discovered that the plugs are atypical of most cars, and I would need a compression tester with motorcycle sized adapters. I do not have one and am relatively new to the area so I might have trouble tracking one down. Is there anyone on here in Indy that may be able to help me out?

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    I have found a compression tester. And have another question, the car has a pretty bad leak in one of the timing seals. The dealer told the owner that they would have to pull the motor to replace the seals. The leak looks like its in the head and I snapped a quick pic of it. Is this a typical leak? Could it be indicative of any other damage?

    Sorry for the poor orientation.
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      I agree... looks like the leak is from the cam tray to cylinder head... you would NOT need to pull the head to clean it up.. If there actually is a leak on the fromt timing cover (and not this leak draining downward) then the head would need to be pulled.

      The best independent mechanic in the Indy area is Rick Vaughn of Vaughn motorwerks. He is located in Zionsville, which is on the NW side of Indy. The only dealer in town is Dreyer and Reinbold (locations North and South)... if the owner took the car to D & R North, then going to Vaughn is not much further (15 mins or so). If the owner lives on the South side of town, it would be a decent hike for the Indy area, which is something on the order of 30-35 minutes) and the owner could balk at that.... I would recommend you have the owner take the vehicle to Vaughn for a pre-purchase inspection. It may cost you a couple hundred dollars, but a quality pre-purchase inspection is ALWAYS worth the money, just as a home inspection on a new home purchase is a "necessory".

      EDIT: Sorry... just noticed that the OP is Indy.

      1) Take the car to Rick Vaughn
      2) Join BMW CCA , specifically the Hoosier chapter... great group of people.
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      Mark Williams
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      Nothing says "welcome to the neighborhood" like a search... oh wait... looks like they are all gone! :rastajake:



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        To me the photo does not look like a well-loved motor. Looks like I can see corrosion typical of road salt. That and all the oily dirt are not what I would want to see.

        Depends on where you want to go with the car, but, it's not looking like the one I hopped on Delta and went from Washington State to Memphis to pick up, the one that lives in my garage.

        Props to you for coming here *before* buying the car, BTW...

        Understand that my remarks based on a single e-photo are no substitute for a proper pre-purchase inspection, I'm just chiming in to agree totally with M3 Adjuster here, get an inspection, *unless* you are looking for a really cosmetically good rust-free car, in that case just crawl under the damn thing yourself with a flashlight and I think you will find enough sign of the dreaded tin worm to decide to let this one go and keep hunting. Take a look at the 4000 mile car that Vlad posted up, just for comparison, mine is not *that* sharp, but, it's better than OK

        You didn't mention asking price but you might as well.