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managed to muck up the chain tensioner install

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  • anonymer

    thanks for chiming in guys

    going out to have a look now.

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  • keith
    Did you drop it down the front of the motor with the valve cover off ? There is a small "ledge above the chain tensioner that will sometimes collect the dropped item. I had this happen with a valve shim and was lucky enough to find it ther before pulling anything apart. I also helped a guy at the track who dropped something and it ended up there. With a telescoping magnet and a flashlight we were able to remove the item both times.
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  • Mmark
    This could be expensive.
    First make sure that it is not lying somewhere on the floor or the frame rail, the engine mount bracket, or in the header, or on the AC compressor.
    Because you'll be very upset if you pull the head and pan off then not find it, then notice it on the frame rail afterwards

    Do not allow the valve gear to move. if it gets picked up by the timing chain it will chuck the chain or jam the drive.
    with magnet and or spring loaded grabbers at the ready.

    Pull the cam cover and take a look to see if it has hung up on one of the rails.
    Look as far down as possible and take your time. Take ten minutes.

    If you don't find it, you'll have to pull the oil pan next.

    This is the point of no return.
    If it is not in the pan, tap the timing case covers with a fiber hammer to encourage it to fall. if no success, you need to pull the timing cases, which is costly.

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  • anonymer
    started a topic managed to muck up the chain tensioner install

    managed to muck up the chain tensioner install

    i can see you all now:


    I managed to muck up the slam dunk chain tensioner install by flippin the circlip into the case.


    but please do tell: where i might find that sucker.

    TIA :bones: -a