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Does anyone have any info on this car ?

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  • Does anyone have any info on this car ?

    Just wondering, its been sitting at this dealer for months now

    So I'm wondering if anybody recognizes the car and knew the previous owner or actually stopped by to take a look.


    1988 E30 M3, my Lachsilber Track Rat

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    haha i whent and sall that car its not to far from my house , well like 1/2 hr or so , its not woth the drive , no offence to the owner , but , thay were asking 14,500 and i talked them down to 8,000 and still after thinking about it i said no , id give 5k for it cuz it needs alot of work ,
    Motor did not sond that strong , tune up maybe , intake boots deff.
    fromt bummper need to be redone if posible ,
    driver seat redon , not the best job iv seen ,
    all servic lights on and some others ,
    some weared kill swich where you have to hold the brake to start the car,
    and it has ben tracked going that it did have harness in the car and alot of road rash.


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      that typical used car salesman pitch really turns me off, plus they said they relisted it after the bidder backed out when it didn't make the reserve and they also knocked the Buy Now price up $2k after that too, maybe they're just clueless about salesmanship rather than FOS, hard to say but all I see is a big red flag
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        ha i figured, the pics made it seem like it had been resprayed and you could even see a little overspray

        but i knew somebody had to have seen it given how long its been on the market

        thanks for the input !

        1988 E30 M3, my Lachsilber Track Rat