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How long did you have to search for your first e30?

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  • How long did you have to search for your first e30?

    Hey Guys,

    I've been wanting an E30 M3 now for about a year, I've made a couple of offers on some but haven't been able to secure a deal. I'm getting impatient - I just can't seem to wait but I don't want to buy a handful of problems either. So I need some advise - How long were you searching? What's an appropriate price in your opinion? What are the main problems I should stay away from? And what are problems that are no big deal?

    Thanks in advance for your advice.

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    Be patient! I was on the lookout for about two+ years... I looked at cars on both coasts and it turned out my car was only 5 miles away from my office.

    Good luck.

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      A year or more is not surprising. Once I saw the one I really wanted after almost a year of searching, it took me 9 months to wait until the owner decided to sell it and to make an offer that satisfied him.
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        4 years... glad I took my time

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          it will happen. God's delays are not God's denials. when it happens you will know it. your heart will pound through your chest. haha. watch ebay. watch s14. watch roundel. between those 3 it will appear. the main thing... buy a straight one that hasn't been crumbled. nice too if not repainted. i like to look at the hood insulation and the hose coming out of the air box. under high revs they touch causing a shiny mark. too much of that means its been rung out a lot. look for even body seams. the main thing... rest and it will happen. follow ebay, s14, and roundel. and paying a little extra for better care is something you will not regret.
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            Thanks guys! - I'll keep searching.


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              About 25 minutes. I was returning my '97 M3 off it's lease and it looked like I was going to replace it with a 323i because of some financial woes. Lo and behold, there it was on the dealer lot. bought it and drove it home.
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                I wasn't even looking for one, it was offered to me.


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                  About 15 minutes. I was in Walnut Creek, California, needed a car and I didn't feel like getting a rental so I looked on craigslist. Saw an add, drove over with a buddy and pulled the trigger. It needed work, still does. I've been driving it daily for a few years now. Just hit 180K and broke it's second alt bracket. I Sold my R32 Skyline GT-R I brought down from Canada to make up for the dent in my bank account. It wasn't legal to drive on the street without trip permits. So it cost $24.00 every three days to drive. It's funny that out of all the cars I've owned and driven, I only miss the M3 even though it only sits in the garage for a few days at a time when it's waiting on parts. I look forward to my commute, and that's just F'in crazy talk in Seattle.


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                    While I've always wanted one, I never specifically looked with the intent of purchasing. However, I had always looked over the years and this one just happened to catch my eye. I was actually looking for an e36 M3/4/5.

                    This makes my 4th e30, 8th BMW, and first M...
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                      My very first one took 2 weeks, in Pasadena, 1995...drove it for 4 years and got into sad cuz that was my very first vehicle and it a really great car I ever had...after that I had to drive MX-5 for another 5 years...pitty, huh!
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                        took almost 2 years. well till i could afford one.

                        i was in a car accident a couple years ago now. alls i could think was "im getting PAID from this!!!" so i decided yeah ill start looking cause im going to get at least $15k from this ($15k rule!). i looked and looked mostly local but as far as colorado for one. i had 2 local ones in mind when it came time to go to court. that was the saddest day of my life. the jury awarded me $4k..........

                        BUT, i had found one in Gig Harbor (near seattle), non running, rust, but it was the right color and it was this or make another swapped e30 2dr. so i went for it. its in my garage now, its the coolest car ever, i sit in it from time to time and just dream about all the random BS im going to get myself into when i get on the streets HA. (JUST JOKING) but seriously, i cant wait to get it to where i want it. i hope for it to rival Atan888s car when im done

                        follow its progress here:

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                          about a year...


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                            My first M3 took about 8 Months searchin on E-Bay daily. Most pricing was thru the roof so i waited and waited. I finally picked my black one up and then it sat for four years before i started to work on it. There's a lot of people lookin so my advice to you is to check several times daily. I have bought three more since my black one and that's how i get good deals.



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                              Took me about 6 months to find mine.