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Short shift kit, help needed!

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  • Short shift kit, help needed!

    I'm looking to get a hsort shift kit for my e30 M3, the full kit, not just the lever. I heard it is cheaper to price out the parts fromt he dealer (Z3 short shifter). Is this true and if so what are the part numbers
    anyone done this before?

    thanks in advance
    My rides: 325is/E30 M3

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    Search the forums for "Z3 shifter" or some variation. Yes it works, yes many have done this conversion before. I think there are several posts already on this topic. I think they list part numbers there too. Let us know if you have trouble finding them.
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      its all about the UUC SSK with the cartridge bearings
      1995 //S6


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        Originally posted by Chapel
        its all about the UUC SSK with the cartridge bearings
        Thats what I got, and I've been loving it for about a year now. Bit on the expensive side, but well worth it. It does make any buzz you have much louder though since there is no rubber on the shift lever left to absorb the energy.


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          shifter buzz?
          must be an S14 thing
          1995 //S6


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            Here they are..

            I was searching for this info myself this week.. Here's what I came up with:

            Z3 1.9 Parts.
            Shift Lever 25 11 1 434 143 1ea.
            Bearing 25 11 1 220 600 1ea.
            Spacer ring 25 11 1 220 439 4ea. (Maybe only need 2ea.)
            Circlip 25 11 1 220 379 2ea.

            Z4 2.5 Parts. Per Ryan G.
            Shift Lever 25 11 7 507 964 1ea. ($43.81)
            Spacer Rings 25 11 1 220 439 4ea.
            Rubber Bearing sleeve 25 11 1 220 832 1ea.
            Circlips 25 aa a 220 379 2ea.
            Shift Bushing 25 aa a 220 600 1ea.

            I still have yet to buy the parts but because I'm not sure which one to get... Z3 or Z4.. I'm leaning towards the Z3 more cause of the feedback I've been getting..

            Good Luck...

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              thank you
              such quick responses
              My rides: 325is/E30 M3