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Gauge Problems and Starting Problems

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  • Gauge Problems and Starting Problems

    Hi guys.. I tried searching the topic but can't seem to find a thread that applies to the problem I am having.

    I started driving off the other day and my ABS light went on.. it disappeared and would re-appear from time to time.. Went on a 10 minute drive and shut down the car for about 3 hours.. started her up again and now the tachometer stopped working... tapped the dash and that woke it up... then the temp gauge died after a mile or so... ABS light going on and off...

    Had my electrician take a look and he cleaned the contacts on the tach and that seems to work now.. he also fixed the ABS computer because there were some burnt/bad contacts...

    Took it on a road test and everything worked well.

    Next day, cleaned the sensor for the temp gauge and re-installed it... car would start but very rough idle then it would die.

    Now the car won't start at all... the starter would crank but it just wont start..

    We also changed the brown and blue coolant sensors but still no go.

    Could we have flooded the engine already?

    Any advise would help.

    Thanks in advance!


    1987 Hennarot E30 M3

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    Can you smell fuel when you are trying to crank the car over? It's possible the ECU may have a problem.


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      Check the battery to see if the alternator is charging properly. I had a broken ground wire for the alternator and had similar problems. Since the battery wasn't fully charged, it wasn't able to fully crank the car over. That in turn dumped fuel into the motor and flooded it. If your car is flooded, just pull the plugs out, crank the motor over to blow out excess fuel, check the plugs for condition and put them back in if they are good.

      You might want to check the SI board to see how the batteries are doing.


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        Hi guys! Thanks for all the advice.. It turned out that the engine was flooded and it fouled up the plugs.. The plugs were getting old too... Changed them and she seems to be working fine now... I hope that is all that needs to be done... What plugs do you guys use? Brand? Model? Thanks again!!!


        1987 Hennarot E30 M3